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Fandom Post Radio Episode #64: Thanksgiving Horn Basket Thingy

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Join us as we fall down the rabbit hole of motifs, memes, and artistic contrivances that pervade the medium. (That’s a fancy way of saying we’ll be talking about ojou-samas, glasses-kuns, and food. Lots and lots of food.)

Fandom Post Radio Episode #64 “Thanksgiving Horn Basket Thingy”

“It was a potpourri episode. Anime focused elements were Anime NYC, Idol Fandom, and Midseason review for the good shows,” said Cain as he ate a leftover turkey sandwich. Kestrel and DJ nodded sagely from the cozy confines of their respective corners of the earth. Meanwhile, Kate was trapped in a Kohl’s while her niece tried on pajama sets before arriving late to Frozen II. 

“GO ON WITHOUT ME!” she shouted as the crowd consumered her.

So they went on, and on, and on.

Plus news, recommendations, and the usual nonsense.

Here’s a Direct Download link to Episode 64.

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