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Null & Peta Episode #08 Anime Review

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Some emotional material mixed into the wackiness.
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“My Big Sister’s Bugging Out!”

What They Say:
Girl genius “Null” has just lost her beloved big sister “Peta” in an accident. But don’t you worry! She’ll just use her naturally gifted intelligence to bring her big sister back as a robot! But is her newly-revived big sister just a little different than before? It’s time for the wacky comedy hijinks of little sister “Null” and big sister robot “Peta”! “Big Sis! Your plug fell out of the wall!”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The slow-building discontent and tension within the show has been nicely handled as you know that things just aren’t what they seem with Peta or perhaps Null depending on how they want to play out the property. With the bugs having possibly followed them back from space but only visible through the VR goggles, the two are doing their best to figure out what’s going on as the creatures are definitely dangerous as they consume and grow. Watching as they do so and multiple is like watching a twist anime version of Gremlins but the pair have to figure out how to stop them before the world is devoured. That Peta thinks a giant baka hammer is enough kind of cracks me up but I liked watching the two go through the streets dealing with things.

In Summary:
The fight goes well enough until Neull gets tricked and this puts her into a position to have some flashbacks that make it clear what happened to Peta on her way to school that has put us into this situation. The bond the two share is definitely strong here as we see how Peta goes all out to protect her sister and how Null is coping with the situation, finally letting some of those pent up emotions out to be dealt with. I do think a little more fleshing out of all of this is necessary for it all to work but gettting some decent emotional material into play with this episode was welcome.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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