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The Plot #3 Review

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Mystery upon mystery seems to be the name of the game still.

The past eats away at the present even more.

Creative Staff:
Story: Tim Daniel. Michael Moreci
Art: Joshua Hixson
Colors: Jordan Boyd

What They Say:
A startling revelation leaves the nascent Blaine family unit shaken. Reese and Chase both experience ominous visions.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Plot may be moving at a slow pace but it’s moving at the right pace in order to nudge out this strange and unnerving tale. The opening issue was the worst for me in a way because of its structure but the further it goes on the more I’m enjoying it because of the uncertainty of what’s going on. Daniel and Moreci tease more of the past of Cape Augusta this time around to highlight the Blaines’ influence here and that goes a long way toward explaining a lot of hate. Joshua Hixson puts it all together int his wonderfully earthy design and feeling with the characters and especially the supernatural elements that we’re seeing with it. Combined with Jordan Boyd’s always stellar color work and you get something that’s really enticing and creepy to read in a darkened room.

The discovery of the body is reported to the police quickly and though there are oddities to it, the whole thing is trying to be wrapped up quickly and without too much issue. With Chase having not been in Cape Augusta for years it makes sense that the police chief wouldn’t hold him too directly against it. The whole thing has unnerved everyone and with Chase out trying to get a breath of fresh air (by getting into bar fights), Reese is watching over the kids and trying to help just keep things kind of calm. Unfortunately, she’s attached to all of this as well as her past is resurfacing when she gets a vision to go to the newly opened part of the basement herself where she discovers audio recordings. Recordings which she essentially steals out of the house, though not unseen. There’s a lot of pasts and connections when it comes to those tied to the Blaines and it keeps creeping up.

The kids continue to have their own issues as well, such as Zach being tormented by the other kids who have shoved a frog down his pants at school. That has him freaking out in the bathroom while trying to hide the shame only to have the supernatural element come from within the toilet, sending him into a tizzy. That has Chase doing his best to try and help Zach – who is still minimal on words – while thanking Reese for her help. What I really like is that we get Reese defending the kids from everyone because so many hate their Asian heritage as it’s a tense part of 1974 for many of the residents. Seeing him go down swinging in the bar to protect them in that way was a good/bad moment for him and his time with Zach at the school helps a lot too. But this draws us full circle with Reese’s theft and the first hints of what’s going on behind everything as we get a taste of the recordings.

In Summary:
Mystery upon mystery seems to be the name of the game still. The Plot shows us more of how Cape August is setup, touching upon hundreds of years of murders and the like that seem to be tied to Blaine House. There are a lot of people unhappy about Chase being back with what he represents, and what the kids represent, that tensions are just getting higher and higher in dangerous ways. I hope that the writers can get away with a couple more issues of mystery before really starting to reveal things as I love the growing tension. And I want more scare and jump moments from Hixson as he delivers this really engaging storyline’s visuals.

Grade: B

Age Rating: 15+
Released By: Vault Comics
Release Date: November 27th, 2019
MSRP: $3.99

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