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Woof Woof Story Vol. #02 Light Novel Review

9 min read
This volume wasn't as fun as the first one but it was still an enjoyable read.

I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir!

Creative Staff
Story: Inumajin
Illustrations: Kochimo
Translation: Jennifer O’Donnell

What They Say:
A new day dawns at the Faulks family mansion as Fenrir-er, Routa-struggles to maintain the facade of being nothing more than man’s best friend. Papa Gandolf has to travel to the Royal Capital on business and decides to make a family trip out of it, inviting everyone along. While it’s an idyllic vacation at first, trouble arises when Routa gets scouted by a collector of rare and magical creatures! And later on, a group of adventurers is dispatched to Feltbelk Forest to investigate the site of a recent magical disturbance. Will Routa be able to keep his secret safe? …Speaking of secrets, Hecate’s been acting a bit weird lately…

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The last few days have been pure bliss for Routa. He’s been spoiled rotten each day by his loving master, Mary. He’s eaten all the delicious food he wanted. And most importantly, he got to be lazy. Ah, the comfortable pet life is sure looking good. If that’s true, why does Routa feel troubled? It’s as if something is weighing him down. Could it be the blue mouse (who is actually a dragon) living in his fur? Not exactly, but she is quite an annoyance. The blue dragon, Len, makes sure to tell him at every opportunity that he is her future husband. Routa never agreed to that. Also, he’s not a furry. You better get used to hearing that because he says it, a lot. Of course, nobody in this world knows what he means by that so it just comes off as spiteful. So, what exactly is on Routa’s mind? It’s quite simple really, he just wants a collar.

Why does Routa want a collar? First things first, we can’t forget that he’s actually Fenrir, the strongest creature in this world. He never asked to be but that’s the deck he’s been dealt. Thus, he desperately struggles to maintain the facade of being a regular dog. It certainly hasn’t been easy and it’s been getting harder every day. People are nervous around him and some don’t even believe he’s a real dog. That’s where the collar comes in. If he had a collar with his name on it, then maybe people will start to ease up around him and believe he’s a dog. After all, only real dogs have collars! I suppose that sounds logical. If only there was a chance for him to obtain one…

As luck would have it, Papa Gandolf is going to the Royal Capital on business. However, he wants to invite everyone and make it into a family trip. Score! There’s got to be a pet shop in the capital that sells collars, right? Mary and Routa are both very excited about the trip. The next day, everyone hops aboard Papa’s flying ship which he is quite proud of. Well, almost everyone. The family’s chef, James, decides to stay behind. Apparently, he punched someone from the royal family in the past?! It makes sense that he can’t be seen in the capital. Not going to lie, this makes me extremely curious about James and it’s a shame he doesn’t appear that much in this volume. Give me some backstory, dangit! Anyway, time passes and they finally reach their destination. Papa leaves the group to discuss business with Henry Morgan, the head of the Morgan Company. Everyone else decides to walk around the capital and sample all the delicious food it has to offer! Routa is definitely a fan of this plan, as are the other gluttons in the group, Hecate and Nahura.

After having their fill of yummy food, they head over to the Adventurers Guild. It seems Hecate has some business there. Also, it seems that Hecate was the original founder of the guild!? Why does the current leader of the guild look similar to her? Just how old is she? There’s so much I wanted to know and the answers I sought were not in this volume. Stop teasing me! Anyway, the group leaves Hecate at the guild and they find the pet shop where Mary and Routa first met. Time to get that collar! Not surprisingly, all of the collars are too little for Routa. He’s a big boy after all. The petshop owner does have one collar that fits him but it’s one used for cows. It even has a cowbell! Well, you’ve got to make do with what you have. It’ll do and hey, at least Routa has a collar now! He’s quite proud of it and struts around town showing it off. He’s totally a normal dog!

Nighttime rolls around and the group is heading back to the hotel. Suddenly, a huge crowd of people run past them and tell them to also run away or they’ll be eaten. That doesn’t sound good. The commotion leads the group to be separated. After the streets empty, only Routa and Mary remain. They’re soon approached by a rich, young lady with blonde hair in a drill style. Also, she’s riding on top of a ground dragon. She introduces herself as Elizabeth and remarks that Routa is a fascinating creature. Elizabeth collects unique animals and wants to add him to her collection. Of course, Mary would never give away her precious doggy! Realizing that she won’t be getting a favorable answer, Elizabeth orders her ground dragon, Christina, to intimidate them. This doesn’t work at all because Christina ends up getting intimidated by Routa! Haha, I mean he is the strongest creature in the world. I’m not surprised at this turn of events. Elizabeth falls off and starts sobbing. Mary gives her a handkerchief and Elizabeth thanks her. To repay her kindness, Elizabeth invites Mary to her home.

Mary is quite stoked to be visiting a friend’s house for the first time. Yes, Mary already considers Elizabeth a friend despite what she tried to do a few moments earlier. Ah, such a naive girl. Admittedly, her naivete is charming. I can’t blame someone for trying to see the good in everyone. Elizabeth shows off her collection of rare creatures. She brags that they’re perfectly cared for and that they love being her pets. However, Len informs Routa that the pets are actually being brainwashed by magical collars. She also adds that the magic in those collars is about to wear out right about…now. Well, that’s unfortunate timing. The creatures break out of their cages and they all surround Elizabeth. The only creature that doesn’t is Christina. She actually likes Elizabeth of her own free will. In particular, she likes it when Elizabeth steps on her. Okay, clearly she’s a masochist but that’s a story for another time. The creatures are not too happy about being brainwashed. Things are looking grim but the creatures stop moving the moment they notice Routa. Again, he’s the strongest creature in the world and they’re naturally scared of him. Routa feels bad for them and cuts a deal with them. As long as they don’t harm any humans, he’ll let them live in the forest back home. They agree and Routa asks Nahura to teleport them all there. Problem solved! On a sad note, Routa’s collar breaks during all of this. Rest in peace collar.

With that entire ordeal behind them, everyone manages to enjoy the rest of their time at the capital. Mary and Elizabeth have become really good friends. By the way, Elizabeth is actually the daughter of Henry Morgan. That means Mary’s dad came to the capital to do business with her dad. What a coincidence, huh? It seems like they’ll be seeing more of each other in the future. Everything must come to an end though and it’s time to go back home. It was a fun vacation while it lasted. Mary hopes that Elizabeth will visit her home one day! It’s nice that she made a friend. Once they’ve made it back safely, Routa resumes his carefree life. It’s time for delicious food, head pats, and sexy swimsuits!? Oh my! The girls decide they want to go swimming at the lake and Hecate provides them all with swimsuits. Routa can’t complain as this is surely a feast for the eyes! Hecate was especially impressive in a swimsuit. Even though he’s a dog, he still loves the female human figure. Len amusingly comments that she can’t believe he’s attracted to human girls. If she only knew the truth. At one point in this volume, she even transforms into a human in an attempt to seduce him but to no avail. Her human form was far too young and Routa wasn’t a fan. He likes curves in all the right places. Poor Len. But yeah, Routa is much more open about his pervertedness in this volume. Maybe a little bit too open? He really has a thing for wanting to lick people’s faces.

Things are going quite peacefully. However, one certain occasion did endanger Routa’s comfy life. Members of the Adventurers Guild have come to the forest to investigate the site of a magical disturbance. Uh oh, are they on to him? Is his pampered pooch life over? Routa isn’t ready to give up that life and decides to do whatever it takes to keep his secret safe. He commands Garo and the fen wolves to watch over the adventurers so that no monsters attack them. While the fen wolves do keep them safe, the adventurers can feel their watchful gazes and it makes them extremely tense. Okay, that’s not the reaction Routa wanted but he can fix this! He decides to make a relaxing hot spring for them and leaves them a basket full of delicious food. They’ll love this! Unfortunately, it backfires on him. They only see this as a trap and are more anxious than ever. Routa can’t believe this didn’t work! Well, it’s all over…or so he thought. Hecate manages to smooth things over with the adventurers and convinces them that they were being watched by her familiars and that the magical disturbance was caused by her. They buy it because they’re certainly not going to argue with the founder of the guild. Man, I really want some Hecate backstory! Routa’s secret is safe, for now. Hecate also gives him a brand new collar. Yippy! All’s well that ends well?

In Summary:
This volume wasn’t as fun as the first one but it was still an enjoyable read. Not much happened either but there was still plenty of silly fun. It was nice that Mary made a new friend. I admit that I enjoyed the first half of this volume more than the second half. The jokes did start to get repetitive. I didn’t need to be constantly reminded of Routa’s kinks. You’re a lewd boy, Routa. I also wish that we had gotten some backstory for characters like Hecate and James. Why did this volume have to tease me so!? This series is in desperate need of some character development. I can only hope that the next volume fixes that.

Content Grade: C
Art Grade: B
Packaging Grade: B+
Text/Translation Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13 and up
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: June 18, 2019
MSRP: $14.00 (US), $18.50 (CAN)

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