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‘The Maxx’ Development Begins Again

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It’s been quite some time since we heard anything going on with The Maxx and it continues to be unfortunate as it’s a project that was far ahead of its time when it first appeared in 1993 in comics form and 1995 on MTV’s Oddities. Free Association and Vertigo Entertainment have entered a partnership to bring this out in live-action form,  though if it’s like the old show it’ll be a blending of things once again.

The Annie Award-winning adaption melded traditional animation, CG craft, and live-action interstitial material. The new incarnation isn’t firm as a film as it could be a TV series as well.

Sam Keith created the character when Image Comics started and it ran for 35 issues. He’s worked on a range of projects since then but mostly smaller pieces and miniseries.

Plot Concept: In the murky alleyways of New York City, homeless Maxx huddles in his box and dreams of crushing evil villains. But when he bursts into the colorful netherworld of the Outback, the Maxx is a hero.

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