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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For November 24th, 2019

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So. Much. TV.

With as much material that’s out there as there is, and schedules being tight, I knew I wouldn’t get time to delve into Disney+ too much. In fact, I told myself that other than The Mandalorian or maybe grabbing a movie from it, that I wouldn’t get to dive deep into it too much until the fall season went into holiday hiatus because of everything I’m watching. Thankfully, The Mandalorian only continues to exceed expectations.

The Apple TV+ service isn’t getting quite as much use simply because it has so much less content, which is understandable. That said, I’m continuing to really enjoy See as we move into the back half of it and I need to secure some time to watch more Dickinson and start For All Mankind.

The return of The Man in the High Castle as the fourth season dropped recently is high on my to-get-done list once a few more things free up since Amazon has a trio of shows to sink my teeth into. Next week sees more of Maisel and then after that we get the fourth season of The Expanse. I need to get this show done before those hit.

This weekend had me getting further into Riverdale and I love how absolutely trashy it is and what it accomplishes in each episode. It’s just hilarious and sucks me in each and every time. Doing double-episode blocks definitely makes it even crazier.

Of the new dramas that I picked up, Evil is really clicking very well in what it’s doing as it leans into there really being something there but cagey as to the reality of it. Emergence continues to be a lot of fun as well but they’re straddling a line that’s all too familiar for an ABC show in how it tries to commit to being strange and SF-ish but also to lean into the human drama in a way that overcompensates because they don’t want to be too SF.

Hulu has me keeping up with Castle Rock as it plays into the Misery angle in its own way while borrowing more and more from Salem’s Lot. Things are getting darker and grimmer as it progresses and I’m really enjoying what it’s doing here as the cast cope with their situations and the bodies are starting to pile up I get why people are frustrated with this season but it’s delivering wonderfully for me since it’s not trying to repeat the first season.

There was also a new show on Hulu this week to get into with Dollface. I had watched the first two the prior week and binged the hell out of this one along with Alone Together, which shared actress Esther Povitsky between them. She was the breakout star for me and made every scene even more of a delight. But it was just so much fun to see Kat Dennings and Brenda Song dealing with things a bit more than they usually get to.

What’s dominating your TV schedule?





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