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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For November 17th, 2019

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So. Much. TV.
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As we said in our movie side of things, Disney+ has been where my mind has spent a decent bit of time this week on. We’ve taken a look at the first and second episodes of The Mandalorian and it’s totally our jam. I took a brief dip into the 2017 Ducktales series and am looking forward to checking out more of that. I also spent a little time watching the 90s Silver Surfer series and an excursion into the Jeff Goldblum show which is just as odd and quirky as you’d expect. Suffice to say, I’m enjoying the service.

The Apple TV+ service isn’t getting quite as much use simply because it has so much less content, which is understandable. That said, I’m continuing to really enjoy See as we move into the back half of it and I need to secure some time to watch more Dickinson and start For All Mankind.

One of the shows that demanded a quick-start to watch was the return of The Man in the High Castle as the fourth season dropped this weekend. I made my way into two episodes as I watch it with someone and it has to be measured and not binged. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how they close out this show considering the scope of things.

I also got to take in the latest Short Treks which was more of a fun tension/action-ish piece that worked nicely to showcase the things that are done to test new recruits. I just kept thinking Kobayashi Maru.

Hulu had me keeping up with Castle Rock as it plays into the Misery angle in its own way while borrowing more and more from Salem’s Lot. I really love the performances all around but the actress who played young Annie was uncanny and really great considering it was her first non-short film role. I get why people are frustrated with this season but it’s delivering wonderfully for me since it’s not trying to repeat the first season.

There was also a new show on Hulu this week to get into with Dollface. While it leans a little too hard on some familiar millennial tropes, I’m such a fan of Kat Dennings and others in the cast that I really enjoyed the opener and hope it just continues to improve as it finds its ground.

Netflix has me in some mini-binge mode as the arrival of the second season of The End of the F***ing World proved to be delightful. It worked different than the first but it found some great ways to expand on things. And I was really glad to see Naomi Ackie in something before her Rise of Skywalker turn next month. As a counterbalance, I watched random episodes of The IT Crowd and still laughed my arse off. And I finished off Queer Eye: We’re in Japan which had a really strong fourth and final episode. This special season was absolutely charming.

What’s dominating your TV schedule?





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