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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For November 17th, 2019

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What have you been watching?

In a week where a new digital streaming service launched, well, movies fell short for me. Disney+ certainly sucked up a bit of my time just in perusing what’s available and sampling things I hadn’t seen in forever, such as The Black Hole and the Black Cauldron films. I’m also eager to take up watching Noelle because I’m an absolute sucker for such projects and more of their original films like Lady and the Tramp.

So, what did I watch all the way through?

Yup. Star Wars. While I don’t have a 4K set, getting to see such a clean streaming version on demand felt like the perfect way to launch my Disney+ experience. And it was, just as it was when I was seven years old seeing it for the first time, glorious.

The other movie I took in is one that really hit a sweet spot for me with the 2007 film The Game Plan. His movie career was still getting underway overall in terms of mass appeal but this film was a big part of it for a lot of people. It’s a fairly standard family film when you get down to it but with it being a Disney film it made it into a lot of younger hands – which meant repeat playings. My youngest daughter loved this film when she was seven and it was a Blu-ray that got played constantly because of it. I haven’t seen it in a few years but it holds up well because it adheres to the formula while also playing to some very charming responses. Plus, with it being twelve years on, there are a few kids that you can see in this that have made acting into full-on careers.

I’m still hoping to make it out to my local Regal to see something in the cinema this week but reviews for the new films have been mixed at best and that makes it hard to muster up the effort. Next weekend starts things off for the Thanksgiving week and that has things like Frozen II and A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood arriving, so I’m hopeful on those fronts – though I’ll be looking for a showing of Frozen II without so many kids in it!

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