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Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life?! Episodes #04 – 06 Anime Review

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The Crimson Vow is here to save the day!
© FUNA, Itsuki Akata / EARTH STAR Entertainment / NOUKIN Project

The Crimson Vow is here to save the day!

What They Say:
Kurihara Misato was a little more capable than other high school girls, and as a result, she was always alone and couldn’t live her life the way she wanted. When she was reincarnated in another world after a tragic accident, she wanted a chance to make normal friends and live a normal life. So she asked God for one thing… “Give me abilities that are average for that world!” But the abilities God gave her were not “average” at all… And now this girl, who’s been reborn in a world where magic is real, struggles to find simple, ordinary happiness!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Now that they’ve graduated from the Hunter’s Prep School, the girls of the Crimson Vow must find work. After a brief stint working at a maid cafe, they decide that their first official job will be to hunt rock lizards. That doesn’t sound too bad. Rock lizards are little creatures, right? Well, not exactly. The girls are surprised to find out that rock lizards are actually quite big. They’re also tough to take down. This first quest isn’t going too well. Mile gets the ingenious idea to have Pauline and Reina cast freezing spells at the rock lizard. This causes the rock lizard to stop moving and creates the perfect opportunity for Mavis to take it down with her sword. Success! Mile’s teammates want to know why this attack worked and she simply remarks that she took advantage of the characteristics of cold-blooded animals. That’s actually quite clever. They then inquire where she learned about the Ultra Freeze and Perfect Freeze spells. These spells are from a Super Sentai show but she can’t tell them that, haha. Naturally, she tells them that it’s a secret family technique. I’m still a fan of this joke.

When they go back into town to sell their defeated rock lizards, a greedy merchant tries to rip them off. Pauline, being the daughter of a merchant, knows immediately that this guy is trying to scam them. He thinks that the girls know nothing about the market. He messed with the wrong girl though. They eventually sell the rock lizards to the guild who buys them at a fair price and all trust in the cheating merchant has plummeted. Dang Pauline, you scary! Afterward, the girls take on a bunch of quests and breeze through them. Reina isn’t happy with their current pace and says she wants the group to level up faster. Thus, they agree to take on a quest to guard traveling merchants. It’s a good thing they took that quest because they’re attacked by a group of bandits almost immediately. They easily manage to defeat most of them but then one of the bandits summons a giant rock golem mecha. Mile, being the geek that she is, is too busy admiring it and gets taken down by its attack. This causes painful memories to flash through Reina’s mind and she angrily starts shooting off her fire magic at the rock golem to no success. Mile is perfectly okay though and she proceeds to freeze the rock golem, turning it brittle in the process. She uses her slingshot to destroy it once and for all. Easy peasy! The defeated bandit says something and it really ticks off Reina. Heck, it made her so angry that she was going to kill him! Yikes! Her teammates stop her from doing so and she starts crying. Reina asks everyone if they’ve ever killed anyone? Whoa, things certainly took a serious turn.

It’s time for some Reina backstory! Her father was a peddler and she used to travel with him when she was little. They loved each other very much. One day, they were attacked by bandits and they wanted to sell Reina into slavery. Her dad begged them not to but was ultimately killed for his troubles. One can only imagine the sadness and terror that Reina felt having to see her father killed right in front of her. Honestly, it was quite heartbreaking to watch. Poor Reina. A few moments later, a group of Hunters known as the Crimson Lightning show up and take care of those bandits. Knowing that she had nowhere to go, the group invites Reina to join them. She grows up with them and learns the skills to be a Hunter. They gave her everything even though they had no obligation to do so. They were good people, good people indeed. Sadly, those good times weren’t meant to last. The group was hired to protect a merchant caravan and they were attacked by bandits. It seemed like they were going to lose all the goods but not their lives. However, the person that hired them turned his back on them and offered Reina to the bandits as a slave. Oh no, not again. And unfortunately, things turn out the same way it did with her father. Everyone in the Crimson Lightning is killed while trying to protect her. I felt so bad for Reina, having to go through so many traumatizing events. Reina breaks at the sight of her comrades being murdered. She proceeds to incinerate of few of the bandits with her fire spell. Yup, she straight up killed them. You can’t really blame her either. There’s only so much tragedy one person can take. That was the day Crimson Reina was born.

Mile and Pauline can only muster a simple “huh” after listening to Reina’s story. I admit their reaction made me chuckle. On the other hand, Mavis is crying like crazy. Reina goes on to explain that if you don’t kill the bad guys, they’ll only come back and kill more innocent people. She’s dishing out that harsh truth. Mile refuses to accept Reina’s philosophy and the rest of the party agrees. There may come a day where they have to kill someone, but they shouldn’t actively go into combat with the intent to kill. Reina thinks they’re naive and that they only think that way because they don’t understand. Pauline proceeds to share her own sad story with the group. Her father was killed when she was young and his business was taken by the man that killed him. To make matters worse, her mother marries that man! This did not sit right with her and she sought power to become a Hunter. Dang, does everyone have a sad backstory? Next up is Mavis. She had a loving father and three doting brothers. She wanted to be a knight but they wouldn’t allow it. Thus, she became a Hunter because she believed that if she succeeded as one, then her family would approve of her being a knight. Okay, I guess not all of them have sad backstories.

To no one’s surprise, Mile is the main event. She was reluctant at first but eventually decides to tell everyone her story. Her mother and grandfather were murdered in a plot orchestrated by her own dad! Her father then got himself a new wife and kicked her out of the house. What a jerk. She decides to go to boarding school in hopes of living that normal life that she craved. Things were actually going well. She made some friends and she was happy. But those fun days didn’t last. One particular day, she saved a boy from being killed by the guards. The boy’s only crime was accidentally falling in front of the carriage that was carrying the princess. People in power can be real jerks sometimes, huh? Mile intimidates the guards with her overwhelming power and claims to be a goddess. The princess apologizes and asks that they be spared. Mile agrees and then pretends that she doesn’t know what just happened before running away. She couldn’t stay in that town anymore and was forced to say goodbye to her friends and a somewhat normal life. With everyone’s backstory out of the way, Mile asks Reina if she’s scared of losing her friends? Reina admits to it. She saw her family get killed twice and she doesn’t want to go through that pain again. Everyone assures her that it won’t happen this time, as long as they’re together. D’aww. That was a nice moment.

The group has successfully escorted the merchants back to their city. The old man at the helm thanks the girls for saving them from the bandits. He’s extremely excited about being able to see his granddaughter, Anne, once again. He offers to show them around town but is soon called away on important business. The girls explore the city on their own and have a pleasant time. Sadly, their fun time is interrupted by the horrible news that the old man’s group has been slaughtered by bandits. This hits Reina especially hard since she promised him that no one would die. She runs off to confront the bandits alone. She finds them and attempts to attack them but she is promptly stopped. The bandits aren’t weak and they easily overpower her. She probably shouldn’t have confronted them alone. She’s about to be killed when the rest of Crimson Vow shows up to protect her! They’re angry that she went alone. They’re supposed to stick together! The girls soon find out the group of bandits aren’t actually real bandits. They’re soldiers from the Albarn Empire. They’ve been killing innocent people in the name of prosperity for the Empire. That’s just terrible. The girls soundly defeat the fake bandits and Reina looks to finish off the leader. She doesn’t though and states that he isn’t worth her time. Good for you Reina, good for you. He probably deserves to be killed though. The girls return to the town and see Anne and her grandfather reunited! It seems like the old man wasn’t killed after all. The girls are glad that Anne didn’t have to lose her precious family and this causes Reina to smile. Adorable!

In Summary:
It was nice that the show explored the backstories of each of the girls. Reina was definitely the main focus of these three episodes. She went through not one, but two traumatizing events. She had to witness her family being killed, twice. I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like. Most people would have lost their sanity at this point. Not Reina though! She managed to persevere through all of this and you can’t help but admire her for that. She deserves all of the hugs, all of them.

These episodes weren’t as comical as the first three and it did feel like they dragged on a bit. Still, the show continues to be lighthearted fun. Sure, it’s filled with clichés and silliness but what else were you expecting? It’s supposed to be silly fun! Why so serious? Wahhō wahhō!

Grade: C (average for all three episodes together)

Streamed By: Crunchyroll, VRV

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