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Netflix Reschedules ‘Girls und Panzer der Film’ Anime Streaming

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Girls und Panzer Film HeaderWith a domestic home video release back in 2017, the Girls und Panzer der Film project made its way to streaming recently. Netflix previously added the film on its service with it in its original Japanese language with but without English subtitles or the English language dub. That took a bit to get corrected but it was updated so you can watch it in Japanese and understand what’s being said thanks to the newly added English subtitles.

Then, after just over two weeks of being on the service, the film has been removed with no explanation.

And that was just last week. Now, the film has its page listing back with the note on it that it’s coming out on November 22nd, 2019. I can’t remember the last time I saw a streaming release have so many problems.

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The Japanese cast includes Ai Kayano as Saori Takebe, Ikumi Nakagami as Yukari Akiyama, Mai Fuchigami as Miho Nishizumi, Mami Ozaki as Hana Isuzu and Yuka Iguchi as Mako Reizei. It was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima with Isao Sugimoto serving as the chief animation director and the character designer. Actas handled the animation production with a wide range of supporting studios.

Plot concept: Sometime after the 63rd sensha-do tournament, the Japanese Ministry of Education decides to move forward with its plan to decommission Oarai Girls High School despite of their recent triumph in the championship. In order to keep the school open, Miho and her team must win a match against a university sensha-do team, but for this difficult battle, Miho and the others not only count with the help of their friends from the other schools they previously faced; Saunders, Kuromorimine, Anzio, St. Gloriana and Pravda, but also with the assistance from new friends from the Chihatan Academy and Keizoku High School, and together, they will join forces to save Oarai from closing.

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