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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For November 10th, 2019

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Ah, the craziness of TV. While this new week that we're will see the launch of Disney+, last week saw the launch of Apple TV+.
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Ah, the craziness of TV. While this new week that we’re will see the launch of Disney+, last week saw the launch of Apple TV+. I’ve been a huge fan of the little Apple TV device for many years now and it really is no surprise that they expanded into original programming. I have no skin in the game as to whether it succeeds or not, but I knew going into it that their slate of originals would outside of the specials get second seasons so I was guaranteed two years worth of good shows if they connected with me. I’ve only dug into two of the main ones myself (my mother loves Morning Show, however) and I’m definitely a fan of the programming. The lack of a true separate app to promote the stuff is frustrating because their overall Apple TV app just doesn’t work like I think it should.

That said, you can see our reviews of See and Dickinson which we’re going through piece by piece. I’ll be looking at For All Mankind as a full-season binge.

This week is more of the familiar with the usual array of sitcoms, where Mom and Young Sheldon delivered some big laughs for me. I’m continuing to really enjoy Evil and doing a two-episode mini-binge of Riverdale was a blast, especially a Halloween episode with Cheryl and Toni as Poison Ivy and Harly Quinn. Most of the sitcoms deliver and I snuck in a couple of dramas as well amid other shows and going to the movies.

My Hulu time is kept kind of minimal as the only show I’m actively watching there at the moment of Castle Rock. It’s definitely different but similar to the first season but I’m enjoying this kind of pared down season a lot and getting into some great performances from the entire cast.

On the Netflix side of things it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I need to start up the second season of It’s the end of the f####cking world but first I needed to finish off the fifth season of Schitt’s Creek as I had two episodes left, and I powered through the final four Disenchantment. Both were good but I just had a harder time connecting with the back half of Disenchantment for its part two than the first half of part 2.

What has been making me really happy with Netflix is working slowly through Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! With as much Japan-ness as I’m familiar with, it’s really enjoyable seeing these folks work through such strict cultural issues – dealing with the need by someone to want to be told that they’re loved, a hug, basic acceptance – is great. The third episode with budding manga creator Kae and how cyclical bullying was and the disconnect between mother and daughter was well explored.



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