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‘Shikizakura’ Original Anime Production Detailed

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© Shikizakura Production Committee

An original production was announced about a month ago as being in the works between Chukyo TV and studio Sublimation with a project called Shikizakura. The twelve-episode series will arrive sometime in 2021 and a number of new details have arrived. With the first promotional video for it, we also got a look at the cast and a new key visual that you can see further below. Shin’ya Sugai is directing it and is listed as working on the character designs with producer Tomoyasu Nishimura. It’s set to be a combination of hand-drawn and 3DCG animation.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Yūdai Noda as Kakeru Miwa
  • Miho Mashiro as Ōka Myōjin
  • Daisuke Nakamoto as Kippei Nagatsu
  • Shōto Mizukami as Ryō Hattori
  • Eri Sakazaki as Kaede Naruse
  • Natsuki Ochiai as Haruko Yamada
  • Shingo Yoneyama as Ibara

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Shiki-zakura is a place where cherry blossoms are in full bloom with colored leaves- a special place where the world and the other world meet is going to be a ritual to save the world …

High school student Sho Miwa is caught up in a battle with Powered Suit and Oni, who emerges from another world and eats people. Oni who is obsessed with people and wants to appear in this world. Only the power suit “Yoroi”, which combines ancient secrets with the latest technology, can protect people from oni. Sho is an irregular member of the team that wears a powered suit and fights against Oni. Sho, who has decided to become a hero, fights Oni, defending the fateful maiden, Myojin Ouka, who saves the world.

Shikizakura season.

Yuka dances as a shrine maiden among the autumn leaves and cherry blossoms. Heroic action, where the past and the future, the present world and the different world, thoughts and wishes intersect, opens here!

© Shikizakura Production Committee

[Source: ANN]

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