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The Reason For ‘Silver Spoon’ Manga Ending Revealed

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Silver Spoon MangaWe had learned only last week that after going on hiatus back in 2018 and as is supposedly nears its climax, Hiromu Arakawa is ready to get back to Silver Spoon and get things going there once again. The property returned in the latest installment of Weekly Shonen Sunday and we knew that its return would mean that it would be entering the final arc for it. But how soon would that end be? Arakawa is ensuring that it happens quickly as after this new chapter, there are only four more chapters left and it’ll be done.

The whole thing felt like a bit of a surprise and apparently it was for Arakawa as well. Apparently, she had completed these chapters some time ago, submitted them, and forgotten about it. So when the latest issue arrived and she got a copy of it with the announcement, it was a surprise to her that it hadn’t already been dealt with some time ago.

She also revealed the heart-wrenching reason why she ended the series when she did back in 2015.

“It’s has been a long time. I’m sorry. The last time I wrote for this section was…, December 2015!? …And just like the last time, it has become a season to take the lightsaber out of the closet…

Over the past few years, my husband and child have been suffering from a series of incurable diseases, so I have been tied up with high-cost medical care, papers, procedures, and such. I realized again that the Japanese insurance system was amazing. And I thought I would go to blood donation.”

The series began back in 2011 in the magazine and has fourteen volumes to its name with Yen Press releasing the first nine so far. It also saw two seasons of anime produced for it as a part of the noitaminA block from A-1 Pictures back in 2013, which Aniplex USA released in North America on DVD.

Plot concept: The only reason why Yugo Hachiken decided to attend the Oezo Agricultural High School (a.k.a Ezono) was simply because the school had a dormitory. Entering Ezono was a way for Yugo to run away from the stifling academic pressures in the city, however, it didn’t take long for him to realize that life is not that simple.

Yugo is soon forced to face more hurdles in his new environment surrounded by all the farm animals and the magnificent Mother Nature. He also begins feeling a different kind of pressure as he deals with his classmates who, unlike him, all have a clear view of what they want for their futures.

Even so, as Yugo overcomes one challenge after another at Ezono and deepens his bonds with his classmates, he begins to grow stronger both physically and mentally. This is a coming-of-age story filled with sweat, tears, and literally a lot of dirt!

[Source: Crunchyroll]

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