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Hidamari Sketch Picture Perfect Collection Blu-ray Anime Review

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Life for girls at an art-based high school is full of little ups and downs and a whole lot of friendship across the years.
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Hidamari Sketch SP

Amid the TV series material a couple of specials were also produced that had a bit more fun with everything. The first special here is a whole lot of cute as the girls head to an outdoor museum during the summer and they get to see lots of different types of artwork, mostly in the form of statues and the like, which has them asking questions about how such poses would work in reality and so forth. With all of them taking different approaches to their artistic nature, it’s nice to see them taking in other kinds of things and analyzing them in their own cute, girlish way. Which is extended even further as the show shifts into a pajama party for the second half, which is what they’re all excited about though Yuno ends up crashing out early though, which isn’t a surprise since they were off swimming together a bit first and that just wore her out. Seeing how the others sketch her as she sleeps is utterly priceless though.

The second episode veers in a different direction as one would expect, starting with the kind of unthinking fun that can happen. When one of them decides it’s time to wash the curtains, she just gets the inflatable pool out, not realizing she could have used her bathtub. But with the way everyone comes together for things, it makes for some simple spring fun as they all get involved. But it also takes an alarming turn when the landlord shows up and she invites them out for an all you can eat (in a hundred minutes) buffet with some amusing but standard rules about it. Bringing an adult into the show (their teacher does make a small appearance in the set) helps shift the dynamic a bit, especially since the landlady isn’t like the teachers and is a bit more rough around the edges, especially when she drinks.

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