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‘Digimon Fusion’ Anime Departing All Netflix Territories

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Digimon Fusion ImageWith the English language version of Digimon Fusion having kicked off way back in 2015, it’s long had its broadcast run and has also been a part of Netflix for a long time as well. Now, the series is set to depart the service as of December 1st, 2019, which is our signal to remind folks to catch it while you can. Normally, there’s a chance that it’ll get quickly renewed, but those on the international side are noting that this expiration is not limited to just the North American side but others as well, so it looks like a full pullback to take it out of circulation for awhile.

Plot concept:  Mikey and Shoutman return to the Digital World, but discover it has been completely taken over by the evil Bagra Empire, divided into seven lands and ruled by seven Dark Generals who all have the power to Digi-fuse.  In the second premiere, “Take a Stand, Christopher! Fusion Fighters’ Rescue Mission,” at 10:30 a.m. (ET),  Christopher and Metal Greymon’s strength is put to the test when they join Mikey and Shoutman on a rescue mission to save the rest of the Fusion Fighters from being deleted at the hands of the Dark General Dorbickmon.

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