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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For November 3rd, 2019

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This past weekend saw the launch of the Apple TV+ service which has a half dozen or so shows and specials for $4.99 a month. They’re going to be loading up with more over time as there’s a lengthy list – including one I’m eager for with Foundation – but this launch is like a gaming console launch in just a few select titles. With a low price to try it out and several shows I wanted to see, it was an easy one to sign on for. We’re focusing on just two shows initially since we got hooked on them and you can see our reviews of Dickinson and See at those links. We’ll also be looking at the very least at the first episode of For All Mankind as well.

On the streaming side, the past week had me digging more into Castle Rock – some of which was filmed in my town for future episodes – and I’m loving the expansion on Salem’s Lot here and getting some great performances out of everyone, particularly my fave with Lizzy Caplan. It’s also great to see Elsie Fisher from Eighth Grade getting to do something different here as I’m really curious to see what kind of roles and performances she’s going to grow into as more things open up to her. It’s still a creepy show at the right times and it has me hitting wiki hard to catch things I know I’m missing but it delivers big.

I’ve wrapped up the three-season run of Pramface, also on Hulu, and am super glad I got into it. I love a good comedy series and this one delivered a lot of fun with a young not-couple with a kid and all the drama that comes from everyone around you. Lots of people I wanted to throttle along the way but it made for a lot of laughs and I have to love a show where the two leads ended up getting along so well they got married in real life.

All of that has kept me from Netflix, which is frustrating as I wanted to start in on Queer Eye: We’re in Japan already! This week also has The End of the F***ing World, Season 2 for me so there’s plenty to fill my late nights with.

Over on broadcast TV, the mix of Halloween and the World Series meant there were a bunch of shows that I didn’t get to see. I did get through two more episodes of Riverdale as my viewing buddy came back for a few days but we didn’t get to any of the shared Arrowverse shows. Well, except for Arrow as I watch that myself. I love that we’re getting a kind of old-home tour season with Oliver visiting big places from his past and spending time with Nanda Parbat and bringing back Lexa Doig as Talia was wonderful. I loved her in Andromeda and she’s had a great if underused turn in this series. Plus, getting Willa Holland back for a bit as Thea was win, win, win.

While things progress on Mr. Robot (who’s the third?) and The Walking Dead (so much potential, just grab it already!), it was largely a sitcom week for me. The Goldbergs played with Rocky Picture Horror Show and even had Barry Bostwick come in for a far too brief role. Steve Guttenberg is nearly unrecognizable in this episode. The show is in that natural seventh-season over the top aspect which is why I’m likely enjoying Schooled more, but even a lot of that is related to Coach Mellor as he’s just so rich and well-mined for humor that I can’t help but laugh and hard.

Modern Family moves further into its final season and their Halloween episode was a really great one, though I’m disappointed that Luke and Janice won’t work out as I thought that was a perfect one. The whole scares thing between Claire and Phil is always fun and if you rewatch a lot of the show regularly like I do you see a lot of good common threads across it. I’m so going to miss this series.

Add in more fun like The Unicorn and The Good Place and I was kept pretty damn happy this past week.

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