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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For November 3rd, 2019

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While I’m getting back into movie mode thanks to Regal Unlimited, my schedule is what’s smacking me down a lot since I’m not able to get out there til the tail end of Sunday or early in the week. I did attempt to see Terminator: Dark Fate but a medical emergency had those plans fall through for it. We’ll be off to see Motherless Brooklyn tomorrow and Thursday I’m hoping to get my romcom on with Last Christmas. If that falls through, well, let’s shift gears for Midway ahead of the weekend.

Having been thirteen or so when the first Terminator film came out, that film naturally made a huge impact and put James Cameron on the map. The T2 sequel years later gave us one of the best sequels out there that expanded on things. And I’ll even say I like a whole lot of the third film in the series. I had missed Terminator: Salvation entirely – I even own it, unwatched! – and I found a lot of neat twists and turns with Terminator: Genisys that made me wish the series had been able to continue on.

In digging into the backlog this week I didn’t get a ton of time as I was working through a lot of other projects. One I did get to revisit was Twister, which I haven’t seen since the DVD was first released probably. It’s still a film that delivers well in the right mix of humor, character interactions/family, and the scale of the action. It’s one that I’d love to see remade in some form today but also realize it would be even more stupidly over the top than this one was viewed to be. We’d probably end up with another Geoforce. But there are a lot of things to like here, from some great Bill Paxton material to the whole flying cow thing. It’s grounded in the right ideas but it’s also a film that feels like it’s struggling to figure out how to run at a feature-length running time.

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