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Fire Force Episodes #14 – 15 Anime Review

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Friends will always be friends, even as you beat the heck out of each other.
© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

What They Say:   
For Whom the Flames Burn and The Blacksmith’s Dream  

The Review: 
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Benimaru has been portrayed as a leader who is admired by his city but with a few flaws and that all comes into play in this episode. His city comes into under siege and the citizens aren’t able to trust their fellow neighbors while Benimaru isn’t able to trust himself. It’s intriguing to see him fall so down when he was previously shown to be so full of himself and have faith in his abilities. 

Watching this episode I was reminded of this quote from Batman Begins “Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Benimaru learns to pick himself as his close friend, Konro convinces that he is a true leader and the only one who can fix the city. Benimaru rises up to be a shooting star and makes the moon turn red. Benimaru does get scenes where demonstrate his true abilities and these scenes are excellent fighting scenes. 

One thing that did annoy me is that Konro encourages Benimaru to take the role of a leader but he still micromanages Company 7 squad as they have to deal with their current predicament. Benimaru is the big picture boss and has others fulfill his ideas. 

The power of friendship solves everything. But in this episode, the power of friendship solves everything as Benimaru convinces the townsfolk to beat each other up to find the copycats. The townsfolk were beating up each other because of anger and they continue to beat each other up but for fun. Two members of Company 8, Maki and Tamaki, decided to get into the action and beat each other up as well.  This moment feels like it’s been timed rightly to add a moment of comedy and some light relief from the dark tone that been happening. 

© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

Episode 15 starts off a new arc and a new opening song. This song is a metal rock song and it has a sadder and angrier tone compared to the first one. I do wonder why the production studio went with an English song for the second half of the season when the first half had a Japanese song. 

Authur is still stuck in his idiocracy and is joined by Sister Iris as she has a weird quick to press any button she sees at the cost of other people getting injured. One button has a big skull painted all over and she still presses it. It does deliver a little bit of comedy but comedy isn’t this show’s strongest aspect.  

Up to this point, the world has been described as being in a post-apocalyptic time but this episode is the first time that the effects are shown and felt. Vulcan mentions that so many animals have died or are so close to dying because of a tragic global event. Many animals are presented in vivid colors to create wonderful but sad emotions. Vulcan dreams of creating a sustainable energy system to save many lives. 

Adolla Burst is a concept that is mentioned in both episodes. It seems to be a power that only a few people can have. I like that this special power is being slowly touched upon and explained. I I like the animation scenes when Shinra awakens the Adolla Burst as he envisions his body down to his legs and the background turns to dark horror theme and Shinra’s eyes turn bright red. Along with the Adolla Burst, a character that has been strongly hinted at finally makes an appearance and in the worst way possible for Shinra. It will interesting how this will play out with Shinra when they finally meet.  

In Summary: 
Friends will always be friends, even as you beat the heck out of each other. Benimaru’s power grows as he learns to rely on others and figures that he can’t do everything on his own. There are new characters being introduced in these episodes that have been foreshadowed for a while. Episode 15 starts off with dark tone as it brings out a metal band for its opening song and it touches upon a mystery that has been nagging at Shinra this whole time. 

Grade: A+

Streamed by: Crunchyroll, Funimation

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