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Null & Peta Episode #04 Anime Review

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“Big Sister, Do I Have to Go to Space?”

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“Big Sister, Do I Have to Go to Space?”

What They Say:
Girl genius “Null” has just lost her beloved big sister “Peta” in an accident. But don’t you worry! She’ll just use her naturally gifted intelligence to bring her big sister back as a robot! But is her newly-revived big sister just a little different than before? It’s time for the wacky comedy hijinks of little sister “Null” and big sister robot “Peta”! “Big Sis! Your plug fell out of the wall!”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The silly situations escalate this time around as we get a cute short cold open with Null deciding that maybe she should have gone to school rather than end up on the space station. The main episode has her still struggling with the whole going to school concept which is why Null set things in motion to get her there with a rocket pack, but Null had already tweaked it without Peta knowing. Of course, Peta’s the one really in control and that’s what gets us into orbit, much to our delight. This actually lets Null be fairly introspective for a bit, being all alone up there, and it works well until Peta shows up and just makes it silly and awkward in all the right ways.

In Summary:
The series continues to find the right balance for what it wants to be but it also makes out with some really good animation design and quality that helps to elevate it just a bit more. There’s no cheap feel here and with some solid jokes and gimmicks to keep it hopping, the whole thing comes alive nicely. I do wish we’d get a bit more detente between the two leads to explore a few other gags but it’s progressing well so far.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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