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New ‘Pokemon’ Anime Series Reveals First Teaser

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With nearly 1,100 episodes to its name, the Pokemon series is about to end and a soft reboot of sorts is getting ready to take us back to the beginning in a new way. The series is set for a November 17th, 2019 debut as the main series, under Sun and Moon, wraps up this weekend.

Daiki Tomiyasu serves as the chief director with Maki Odaira directing based on the series composition by Shoji Yonemura. Shuhei Yasuda is working on the character designs with OLM again producing the animation.

The Japanese cast so far includes:

  • Daiki Yamashita as Gō
  • Rica Matsumoto as Satoshi
  • Kana Hanazawa as Koharu
  • Yūichi Nakamura as Professor Sakuragi

Plot Concept: In a forest somewhere in Kanto, there once was a lonely Pichu. This Pichu – who was still quite young – had a certain encounter and farewell. This took place shortly before Ash and his partner Pikachu started travelling together. This is the beginning of the anime “Pocket Monster.”

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