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Azur Lane Episode #05 Anime Review

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The Belfast and Enterprise stuff is great but it's not always going to be enough. I want more from you Azur Lane.
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“REUNION – Reaching Out To You”

What They Say:
Azur Lane, a combination of all the different Camps in the world, was once successful in repelling the underwater menace, the Siren. Now splintered, they must face a new threat in Red Axis, former allies who crave to wield this otherworldly Siren technology for their own nefarious desires! Who will be victorious in the never-ending war between these battleship girls!?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Akashi are on the run from Sakura Empire. They managed to escape in the last episode but they’re still being pursued. They decide to hide on a nearby island and hope they aren’t discovered. Edinburgh inquires about the Black Box but Akashi doesn’t know anything about it except that it was taken from the Sirens and that it’s bad news. Sheffield reports that there are scout planes all around them which must mean that Sakura Empire knows they’re on this island. The base knows of their situation and she suggests that they wait to be rescued.

The Sakura Empire fleet continues its search for those three. They’re not having much luck. Takao is not pleased that she let them go away and wants to restore her good name. She is soon teased by Atago who is very…hands-on. Ayanami, who’s watching all of this, is asked if she would like to join in on the fun? She promptly refuses. Sakura Empire is soon notified by Iron Blood that Azur Lane is approaching. The Azur Lane force includes familiar faces like Prince of Wales and Cleveland but also new faces such as Battleship Oklahoma, Heavy Cruiser Suffolk, Battlecruiser Repulse, and Heavy Cruiser Norfolk. I don’t think I can handle remembering any more shipgirl names.

Belfast is keeping calm and Enterprise wonders how she is able to keep her cool when her companions are the ones hiding on the island. She’s not worried because they’re fellow maids who serve under the Queen. Enterprise finds it odd that the Maid Corps would imitate humans. Belfast declares that it makes no difference whether you’re a person or a ship. They’re all alive, they all have hearts. Enterprise strongly disagrees, ships were only born to fight and they’re nothing like humans. Belfast agrees that they have great strength and it does come with great responsibility. Sure, they want to defeat their enemies but they also want proof. Proof that no matter how difficult life gets, that they can still live a proud, noble life. They must serve as examples for people who have lost their way. That is the way of the maid, achieving elegance in all aspects of life. Enterprise remarks that Eagle Union doesn’t think like that. Belfast immediately replies that she knows and that’s why everyone in Azur Lane must help each other out. This entire scene of clashing ideals was my favorite part of the episode. Belfast is the perfect foil to Enterprise. Why is she so awesome?

Javelin and Laffey want to see Ayanami again, even though she’s technically their enemy. But she’s also their friend! Speaking of Ayanami, back over on the Sakura Empire side, she is asked by Atago if she enjoys fighting? She doesn’t dislike it, but she doesn’t love it either. This much we already know from previous episodes. She remarks that she loves everyone in Sakura Empire, they’re her precious friends. However, it’s the same for the other side. They also have friends as she does. Tell us how you really feel! Atago proceeds to bury Ayanami’s face into her voluptuous bosom in an attempt to comfort her. I don’t think it made her feel any better but at least she was comfortable.

The scout planes finally find the location of the hiding Maid Corps. Oh no, I guess they have to fight now. Bring it on! Thus, a huge battle begins between Azur Lane and Red Axis. Shots are fired, planes are flying everywhere, and bullets are raining down from above. A lot of different fights are occurring all over the battlefield. Cleveland and Belfast are facing off against Takao and Atago. Prinz Eugen’s group is facing Sheffield and Edinburgh. They manage to distract Prinz Eugen’s group long enough for Enterprise to be in the perfect position for a counterattack. This forces Prinz Eugen’s group to retreat. Sadly, Javelin and Laffey are attacked by Ayanami. They both dodge her attacks but they never attack back. Ayanami wants to know why that is. Laffey simply stares at her which pisses her off. Ayanami goes for the finishing blow! Laffey doesn’t move. In the end, Ayanami can’t bring herself to land the blow and stops just before reaching her throat. Frustrated, she asks why she wouldn’t move? Because she wants to be friends. Ayanami yells that they’re enemies but that doesn’t matter to Laffey. She still wants to be friends, as does Javelin. A cute way to end the episode.

In Summary:
The scenes with Belfast and Enterprise together are some of my favorites of the series. Belfast further solidified her position as my favorite shipgirl. It’s no contest at this point. She’s just that fascinating of a character to me. A lot of that has to do with the fact that she’s one of the few shipgirls that gets a lot of screentime. The only other two shipgirls that I can name from the top of my head that get any sort of development are Enterprise and Ayanami, and even then it’s not that much. With so many shipgirls, there’s just not enough time to flesh them all out and that’s always going to be the show’s main problem. If I am being perfectly honest, I think the show is starting to lose me a little bit. Sure, this episode had a lot of fighting but it wasn’t as engaging as it was in the first two episodes. The soundtrack was nice though. The Belfast and Enterprise stuff is great but it’s not always going to be enough. I want more from you Azur Lane.

Grade: C+

Streamed By: Funimation

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