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ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me? Episode #05 Anime Review

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It's no surprise that I come here for the laughs and this show continues to deliver every week.
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“I Thought It Was Working Out Too Well For Me”

What They Say:
Question: What would you do if a girl you liked asked you out on a date? Now imagine it’s not one, but two beautiful girls, the cool beauty, Cosmos, and the cute childhood friend, Himawari!! Of course, you would make plans with both. Except for the “feelings” they confess to you are… Asking me for “romantic advice,” since they’re both in love with someone else. Hahaha… That’s it! I’m not gonna take it anymore! I’m giving up on this obtuse, harmless persona and going back to my true self. But I can’t give up hope here. If I give them my advice, at least one of them may fall in love with me!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Joro is exceptionally happy in the morning. Well, that is until Himawari shows up and slaps him in the back. Ow! He yells at her to stop but she just laughs it off and tells him to remind her tomorrow to stop. She then playfully latches onto Joro’s arm which causes him to grin like an idiot. In class, he gets a text from Cosmos that says she wants to meet with him after school. He’s still grinning, he must be in a good mood today! It’s like he’s the main protagonist of a rom-com or something. Asunaro approaches him a few moments later and asks if she can talk to him on the roof, alone. By the way, she’s blushing! Oh my, what is this development? Is our boy Joro going to get an actual love confession!? I’m not buying it though, I still remember how last week’s episode ended…

On the roof, an embarrassed Asunaro tells Joro that she’s curious about him! This causes Joro to get the biggest smile on his face that I’ve ever seen from him. He even blurts out “Ecstasy!” in English. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Joro’s voice actor is so good in his role. Joro is picturing his harem in his mind, now including Asunaro. He still believes he’s going to achieve the harem route. He’s a dreamer alright. Asunaro doesn’t want to be standing around like this and points towards the direction…of a bench. A bench on the roof?! A bench that’s exuding an intimidating aura!? BY JOVE, IT’S BENCH-KUN! HAVEN’T YOU RUINED ENOUGH PEOPLE’S LIVES ALREADY? Joro is understandably nervous. In fact, he’s so nervous that he makes a face straight out of the Ultimate Gambler Kaiji series complete with accompanying “Zawa zawa.” Kaiji is a great series if I may add. Definitely check it out if you ever have the chance. I’m already dying of laughter at this point. The show is going hard with the comedy and I approve.

Joro doesn’t have a good feeling about this but still sits down next to Asunaro. She tells him that she’s always been curious about him. When she thinks about him, her chest feels tight. But she’s just thrilled that she gets to see him every day. To her, he’s…a sleazy scumbag and the worst enemy of all women! After a moment of silence, Joro simply responds with “Pardon?” in perfect English. Haha, Joro’s reactions are always the best. Joro was right to fear Bench-kun. When Bench-kun is around, nothing good happens. Asunaro accuses Joro of messing around with Himawari, Cosmos, and Pansy. She proclaims that it all started last year, AT THE FINAL GAME OF THE REGIONAL BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP! It always starts with that game, always. Just like Bench-kun, this joke will never die. Asunaro was sitting in the stands and she saw Joro lustfully eyeing a beautiful girl. She accuses him of being a pervert that has three girlfriends. I’m sure he wishes that were true but it’s not the case. Joro tries to defend himself but she won’t believe him. She says the only guy that can get away with something like this would be the protagonist of a rom-com. Joro starts crying because reality is cruel! Haha, oh man, my sides.

Asunaro is ready to publish her “King of the Scumbags, Amatsuyu Kisaragi” article at any time. But she doesn’t want to publish it until she’s absolutely certain that her assessment is correct. She declares that she will shadow Joro until the Flower Festival. If he’s innocent, she won’t distribute the article. If he’s guilty, well, let’s just say he isn’t going to be happy. It looks like he’s going to have to clear his good name! Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. The first thing that happens is Cosmos gleefully informing Joro that he’s been selected as the boy for the Flower Dance. This particular dance is where one boy dances with three girls one after another. She also tells him that the girls are Himawari, a first-year named Kamata, and herself. Cosmos adds that she usually declines to be one of the girls but because it’s going to be Joro, she happily accepted! She says she can’t wait for the dance before skipping off merrily. Joro has a goofy grin on his face again and Asunaro already believes her suspicions are true.

Things aren’t looking good for our boy Joro. He goes to the library and meets up with Cosmos, Himawari, and Pansy. He insists that they all leave him alone for a while. They all refuse in unison. No matter what happens, they’ll always believe in him. That’s actually quite sweet. Regardless, he doesn’t plan to associate with them any more than he has to and they agree. After a bit of manipulation, Cosmos makes Joro accompany her to visit the first-year that’s going to dance with them. Asunaro will definitely be there and he begs the president to be strict with him. Of course, we already know that Cosmos is a terrible actress and she begins talking like a samurai. When they finally meet the first-year Kamata, she’s absolutely terrified of Joro! Rumors have been circulating that he loves to lick girls’ hallway slippers, earning him the name Slipper Man. Haha, what? Kamata eventually runs away in fear and Joro makes a comment about his feelings starting to hurt. He just can’t catch a break today.

Later, we find out that Kamata has given up her spot as the third girl. Looks like they’re going to have to find a replacement. Asunaro tells Joro that she still plans to get the truth and asks him if she can continue to shadow him. When he agrees, she seems super happy about it! Does…does she actually like him? What a twist! In fact, she begins to inquire about who they plan to get as the replacement girl. It’s almost as if she’s asking to be that girl but before she can, Joro gets a text message saying that they’ve found their third. Their third turns out to be Sun-chan. You did not misread that, it’s actually Sun-chan. How unexpectedly amusing! Maybe there’s room for some BL in Joro’s harem. Anyways, everyone starts practicing for the Flower Dance as Asunaro watches from the shadows. The whole time she’s watching, she has a sort of sad look in her eyes. Is she jealous!? Oh boy, she does like Joro, huh?

The next day at school, Joro is confronted by a bunch of girls who call him a creep. That seems uncalled for but then they slam the “King of the Scumbags, Amatsuyu Kisaragi” article on his desk. Well, that sucks for him. The girls continue to call him mean names until Cosmos arrives. She states that none of what’s written in the article is true but they don’t believe her. It isn’t until Asunaro herself rushes to the scene and explains that it was a mistake on her part that the girls finally believe they are mistaken. Asunaro is extremely sorry about all of this and starts crying. What’s done is done though. Cosmos offers to tell the newspaper club to stop distributing the article but Asunaro rejects her offer. This is her mistake and she’s going to fix it herself.

At the library, Cosmos tells Joro that this isn’t working out. She suggests that they should keep their distance from each other. Pansy agrees and believes this is the best course of action. Everyone will practice by themselves for the Flower Dance. Joro is actually saddened by this. Once school is over, he still seems pretty down. Asunaro sees him depressed and offers to help practice with him. He takes her up on that offer and they both practice on the roof. Asunaro seems to be having the time of her life. She’s genuinely happy. It’s pretty clear what’s going on here folks. She definitely likes him and the article being leaked was no accident. It was all a part of her plan to get closer to Joro. The episode ends with an angry Cosmos watching from the shadows.

In Summary:
It’s no surprise that I come here for the laughs and this show continues to deliver every week. That’s the sign of a good comedy. It’s just so much fun watching Joro’s reactions to everything. It’s comedy gold. I’ll also continue to say this week after week because it’s true – Daiki Yamashita is doing a fantastic job voicing Joro. He sells this show for me. Anyways, Asunaro likes Joro. Isn’t this what our boy wanted? A pretty girl that loves him? This could be the start of his harem! Although, would Joro accept her if he knew the truth? The Asunaro arc should end the next episode and it should be fun to see how it all plays out.

Grade: B+

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