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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For October 27th, 2019

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With a lot of shows for the fall season, we’re now essentially a month in on them. I’ve ended up behind on more of them than I care for but my viewing buddy has been MIA, hence only watching the premieres of the CW shows, for example.

But there’s so much more. Castle Rock came back and I’m doing that in two-episode bundles so it has more of a mini-movie feeling. I powered through the end of Schitt’s Creek and enjoyed the closure to that. The final episodes of Hot Date also arrived after missing the premiere thanks to a power outage and I’m hopeful that it gets a third season of silliness. Most of the usual sitcoms are hitting familiar notes but this week saw a few shows not airing, instead opting to save their Halloween episodes for next week.

The latest for shows like Good Place and Mom were fun as were new episodes of Bob (hearts) Abishola and American Housewife. None are really strong – even Good Place seems unsure of finding the right way to move forward – but they provide some laughs. Schooled still feels like the strongest of the season for me but The Goldbergs worked nicely in exploring more of Erica and college even if it leans heavily again on the whole keeping mom away from this.

One of my favorites from this season is the drama Evil as we got the fifth episode this week that definitely gets dark and uncertain. The show is slated for a thirteen-episode season and it got a second season renewal already, which makes it easier to commit to watching and digging into a kind of X-Files on the religious/supernatural side. I also continue to love watching Mike Colter on a regular basis so that’s a huge plus.

With the streaming services, I found myself drawn away from TV a bit this week but caught a few things. I finished up the first season of Pramface on Hulu and adored it, can’t wait to start the second. With Netflix, after finishing up Schitt’s Creek I’ve got the second season of Kominsky Method lined up to dig into. And over on Amazon, I still need to get back into The Boys but ended up sidetracked in rewatching Discovery as my mother now wants to watch it. Which marks my fourth time watching it. I definitely like the series.

And amid all this, I get more and more excited for Crisis on Infinite Earths…

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