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NBC Universal Japan Previews Final ‘Yu-No’ Blu-ray Anime Box Set Packaging

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The spring 2019 anime series Yu-No is getting its home video releases handled by NVC Universal Japan and they’re going a pretty good route for it. The series is scheduled for a trio of box sets that began release on August 28th, 2019. The third set is scheduled for a December 26th, 2019 debut and a new preview piece has hit showing off the artwork for that set, which is definitely appealing. Each set is priced at 21,000 yen each. Check out the full schedule below!

The series has Tetsuo Hirakawa directing it with Mai Otsuka handling the character designs. With Studio Feel on board to produce the animation, it’s set for a two-cour run. It was also confirmed that the cast will include the game cast with Yuu Hayashi as Takuya Arima, Kaori Nazuka as Ayumi Arima, Maaya Uchida as Kanna Hatano, Saori Oonishi as Mitsuki Ichijo, Rie Kugimiya as Mio Shimazu, Yu Kobayashi as Eriko Takeda, and Rena Maeda as Kaori Asakura.

The opening theme song is “Kono yo no hate de koi o utau shoujo” by Asaka while Konomi Suzuki is performing “Shinri no kagami, ken no you ni” as the ending theme song

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Plot concept: Takuya Arima is a young student whose father, a historian who has conducted various researches, disappeared recently. During a summer vacation, Takuya receives a peculiar package from his missing father, along with a letter containing information about the existence of various parallel worlds. At first, Takuya doesn’t take it seriously, but soon he realizes that he possesses a device that allows him to travel to alternate dimensions. Is his father alive, after all? If so, where is he?


Volume Date Extras
1 08/28/19 Episodes 1-8
2 10/30/19 Episodes 9-17, Original Soundtrack, Clean Opening, Clean Closing
3 12/26/19 Episodes 18-26
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 3 Cover A
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 3 Cover B
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 3 Packaging
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 2 Cover Preview
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 1 Preview
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 1 Preview
Yu-No Japanese Box Set 1 Preview

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