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Null & Peta Episode #03 Anime Review

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“Big Sister, Do I Have to Go to School?”
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“Big Sister, Do I Have to Go to School?”

What They Say:
Girl genius “Null” has just lost her beloved big sister “Peta” in an accident. But don’t you worry! She’ll just use her naturally gifted intelligence to bring her big sister back as a robot! But is her newly-revived big sister just a little different than before? It’s time for the wacky comedy hijinks of little sister “Null” and big sister robot “Peta”! “Big Sis! Your plug fell out of the wall!”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
We’ve seen a number of the genius kid characters before and there’s always that element where it makes sense that they’re not attending standard school. What we often get, however, is that they stay home and basically become mini-mad scientists and design crazy stuff. With Null having created Peta with some element of her sister, Peta is now doing her best to get Null to go to school, which is admirable. But there’s a certain frustration that comes from experiencing school like that for Null, even if she needs to do it just for the socialization. It’s fun to watch as Peta does her best to get Null ready for this, such as a lot of backpacks, food, a bath that Null doesn’t pee in, things like that.

In Summary:
The sisterly bonds are played well here in showing how Peta is doing her best with Null and getting only so far. Null’s just intent on not going back for reasons explored in flashback here and you can easily understand why as she’s just so set apart from everyone else. The show manages its time well so that we get a good bit of humor and some seriousness so that the characters relatable and understandable with their actions and reasons. I like both Bull and Peta even if they’re such extremes in their own way. Plus, the series continues to look great in general and I’m a sucker for a mini-mad scientist gimmick in general – especially if they’re short and not overdone.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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