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High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! Episode #04 Anime Review

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“It Seems Tsukasa has Resolved to Change the World”
© Riku Misora / Sacraneco / SB Creative

“It Seems Tsukasa has Resolved to Change the World”

What They Say:

Seven high school prodigies are involved in an airplane crash. When they woke up, they found themselves in a parallel world where magic and beastmen exist. Of course, they panicked at their sudden unexpected predicament … or not? Instead, they create a power plant in a world that doesn’t have electricity, they did a little extra work and managed to take economic control over a metropolis, they managed to repay their gratitude to some oppressed citizens by upending a corrupt government, and basically doing whatever they like?!

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):

As the prodigies watch the town burn due to their interference with the realm’s economy, the people of Elm Village cannot stand by knowing Lyrule has been kidnapped and realizing they can do nothing. However as tempers flare the one foreigner who has a calm demeanor is Tsukasa, proclaiming in a monotone voice they must not do anything reckless, otherwise the lord of Findolf will retaliate without hesitation and everyone will be killed. It is only after they listen to this grim statement does this former prime minister declare he can negotiate for the charges of treason to be dropped, however it will mean they will need to sacrifice Lyrule to satisfy his perverted needs. Elch cannot keep his anger in check as he explodes by this callous proclamation, but his mother Winona immediately agrees even as she states this is exactly what the kind elf would wish if it saves the village. But this does not mean it is the right thing to do, and remorsefully explains while this may be what it takes to survive under selfish nobles, it would also mean they can no longer call themselves human.

The byuma woman states living in this existence underfoot of the proud and privileged is not enough, in order to call themselves human they must care for each other by helping and supporting their neighbors in this daily life. It is then when she asks if these prodigies can aid in this struggle to rescue their friend, only to find Tsukasa has been futilely holding in his emotions so not to appear weak, all as evidenced by his once again bleeding hand. Looking onto his friends in agreement they will help save Lyrule, but as a warning he announces in order not to jeopardize their lives they will need to advance this civilization by almost five hundred years with advanced technology, all as the people of Elm Village look on in awe considering what these people have introduced in the small time since they have arrived. With their minds now made up, the high school prodigies prepare to assault the foolish lord’s castle but what will they need to outlast Inzaghi – the greatest knight in all of Findolf and his men … or is there any chance they can live to see another sunrise?

In Summary:

While we have seen the prodigies make the lives of their friends better with small curiosities such as mayonnaise, a local hot spring and aluminum shovels, this episode begins the end of a simple civilization for the people of Elm Village. Although the portable nuclear reactor Ringo uses to power her lab is hidden from most, what she gives their rescuers to revolt against the perverted lord of Findolf seriously threatens to tip the scales of power, even if it may be temporary and they may not understand what was used to breach the wall. And if it is this simple to start a revolution against selfish tyrants, what is to stop them from carrying forward with new ideas and technologies … guess we will have to see.

Grade: A

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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