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Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life?! Episodes #01 – 03 Anime Review

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This series is adorable, charming, and funny.
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What They Say:
Kurihara Misato was a little more capable than other high school girls, and as a result, she was always alone and couldn’t live her life the way she wanted. When she was reincarnated in another world after a tragic accident, she wanted a chance to make normal friends and live a normal life. So she asked God for one thing… “Give me abilities that are average for that world!” But the abilities God gave her were not “average” at all… And now this girl, who’s been reborn in a world where magic is real, struggles to find simple, ordinary happiness!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Mile is just your everyday normal girl. There’s nothing special about her. Yup, totally normal…at least that’s what she wanted. She’s not actually normal at all. In fact, she’s one of those reincarnated-in-another-world people you see everywhere these days. In her previous life, she was known as Kurihara Misato and stood out more than the other girls at her school because of her exceptional skills. Because of this, she didn’t have a single friend. It’s quite sad really. One day, she nobly saved the life of a little girl by pushing her out of the way of an oncoming truck. That’s right, she was MURDERED BY THE HEINOUS TRUCK-KUN! He strikes again! How many people must he kill before he’s satisfied!? What a jerk. On a side note, I love that this joke is still alive and well.

After death, a god-like person offered to reincarnate her in another world. She just wanted to be a normal girl who wanted to make normal friends. Thus, she asked that all her abilities be average in that world. And her wish was granted…but not really. She’s actually pretty strong and powerful. To specific, 6,800 times stronger than a normal person! But why!? It’s simple. The strongest creature in this world is the elder dragon. Thus, she is the average of the weakest creature and the strongest creature in the world. This means she has half the power of the elder dragon. She probably should have been more specific with her wish. This revelation probably amused me way more than it should have.

Mile spends a good chunk of the first episode just exploring the royal capital. Of course, she’s doing everything she can to be a normal girl. She meets three interesting girls during the day – Mavis, Reina, and Pauline. Unbeknownst to her at the time, these three will turn out to be her good friends. At night, she learns about a string of child kidnappings and decides to investigate because she’s a good girl. Although, this isn’t exactly what a normal girl would be doing, am I right? During her investigation, she comes across the three girls she met earlier. What a coincidence! Together, they manage to defeat some good-for-nothing thugs and then head towards the boss responsible for all of these kidnappings. Once there, they confront the boss and ask her what her intentions are by kidnapping little girls. The boss says that her true ambition…is to have a harem of beautiful girls. Haha, I’m not kidding. That’s what she actually said. Fantastic. However, she makes a big mistake when she treats Mile like a child and calls her flat. Mile is not too happy about that. In fact, she’s SUPER PISSED. In a rage, she blows up the entire enemy base and soundly defeats the boss and her lackeys. The other three girls are amazed that she’s so powerful and can only watch everything mind-boggled. Oh no, they know she’s totally not normal now! She runs away crying. D’awww. That’s okay though, she can always start over at the Hunter’s Prep School! Oh wait, she can’t because it turns out her three new roommates are, you guessed it, those very same three girls. You got some ‘splaining to do, Mile!

In the second episode, the other girls want to know more about Mile and rightfully so. After all, she’s got some incredible magic. Mile says she’s just a regular novice hunter. Naturally, they don’t believe her at all. But before they can prod her further, they have to gather for class. The principal tells them that they’re here to learn what usually takes hunters several years to know and do it in only six months. The students are given tests to see how good their skills are. Mavis is good at close combat while Reina is good at magic. Of course, Mile is great at everything and begins to catch the attention of everyone. Oh fudge, she’s ruining her own cover again! If only she didn’t get incredibly angry every time someone makes fun of her small chest. That’s going to happen a lot, so better get used to it. Mile has tea with the three girls later and they bombard her with questions. How did she defeat a guy who has defeated an orc with his bare hands before? Why does she know the magic that only Reina knows? But most importantly, how did she create a Nendoroid figure in this world!? Mile’s answer to all of these questions is that it’s a secret family technique. It seems pretty legit to me, but the girls clearly don’t buy it. In a funny scene, Mile says she’ll tell them the truth only to give them a summary of a bestselling book from this world. They all call her out on her BS because they’ve all read it themselves! Mile sure is a terrible liar. Haha, fun times. Pauline remarks that they’re things that they all don’t want to share with other people and that they should respect Mile’s decision to keep the truth to herself. For now, anyway. They’re still curious about Mile and they hope she’ll open up to them someday.

The next day, everyone at school is required to form parties and complete a quest within a week. Mile, Mavis, Reina, and Pauline all form a party together and accept a quest to hunt ten horned rabbits. Things don’t go smoothly as the girls aren’t able to catch a single one. Well, Mile wasn’t even trying so she just watched on in amusement. In an interesting move, she decides to help them get stronger. After some hilariously intense training, Master Roshi style, the other three girls do indeed become stronger. When asked about all the amazing things she taught them, Mile replies with it’s a secret family technique. Of course! I hope you’re used to that joke as well because you’ll be seeing it often. The next day, they easily manage to catch the ten horned rabbits for the quest. Success! Unfortunately, there’s no time for celebration as they’re attacked by rock golems! Oh no! Rock golems are a C-Rank level monster and they’re just rookies…which means absolutely nothing since Mile totally destroys them with ease. When they return to school, they find out they’re the only ones that completed their mission. You’re standing out too much Mile!

In the third episode, the girls are attempting to have girl talk at night but to no success. They have nothing to talk about! Instead, Mile decides to share with them a whole bunch of stories from her previous life. I’m 100% certain that she literally told them a whole bunch of anime, manga, and Super Sentai stories. Mile, your otaku is showing! She’s such a dork and I love it. The next day, the other girls are quoting a whole bunch of lines from the stories they heard and even striking poses! It’s official, Mile gave them all chunnibyou. Way to go Mile, way to go.

And then…six months go by!? Dang, time certainly went by quickly. It’s about time for graduation and the girls agree to form a party together when they graduate. But before that, the principal has a favor to ask of them. He wants them to represent the school in the upcoming graduation mock battle. Not just participate, but to win! If they don’t win, the school will be shut down. The school hasn’t been doing so well since its inception and an influential noble gave him this ultimatum of winning or the school will be shut down. Mile isn’t sure if they can beat B-ranked hunters…which is funny considering she’s so strong and she knows it. However, the other girls immediately agree, much to her chagrin.

The day of the mock battle arrives and Mile amusingly remarks that it feels like she’s the main character of an anime now. She’s breaking the fourth wall! It’s revealed that the noble that set this all up was the mastermind behind the child kidnappings in the first episode! I guess she hasn’t learned her lesson yet. She’s confident that her crew is going to win but soon realizes that she’s in for a rude awakening. Mavis defeats the first lackey. Pauline trounces the second lackey. Reina beats the third lackey. Mile faces the final lackey but in an incredibly genius move, he uses the Joestar secret technique and immediately runs away. Jojo fans will appreciate that. Anyways, that means they won, right? Nah, the boss isn’t going to let it end like this and decides to replace her cowardly yet smart lackey. She boasts that she used to be an A-rank hunter and then proceeds to comment on Mile’s flat chest. Welp, she done messed up. We already know how angry Mile gets when someone calls her flat. To no one’s surprise, she almost kills the boss lady and makes her admit defeat.

After their victory, all of the girls are approached by different guilds that want them to join their ranks. However, they all refuse because they’ve already decided to make their own party. At this point, they proceed to deliver corny lines and then strike a Super Sentai pose, complete with colorful fireworks and everything! What a bunch of chuunis. Not going to lie though, this scene made me laugh. They announce that they are called The Crimson Vow. Alright, cool. The school is saved, a job well done. A few moments later, Mile walks out of the arena and notices that Pauline is selling cute figures of them all!? And they have a ton of fans!? Uh oh, you’re popular Mile! This is the opposite of living a normal life but despite that, she still hopes to find average happiness. Good luck Mile, you’re going to need it.

In Summary:
Don’t you just hate it when you ask to be a normal girl and instead turn out to be extremely powerful? It happens. This series is adorable, charming, and funny. Mile is such a dork and it’s great. The characters are adorable. The comedy is good. I love all the references that Mile makes during the series such as Phoenix Wright and Dragonball, just to name a few. The best part is that this show is self-aware and never takes itself too seriously. I can appreciate that. All in all, it’s definitely a lightheartedly fun show!

The biggest complaint that many people have about this anime is that it’s not following the light novel/manga that well. Personally, I’ve never read any of the source material so this doesn’t affect me at all. However, I can understand where these people are coming from. They had expectations and they were not met. I must say this as a longtime anime fan, do your best to treat the anime as a separate entity from the source material. If you can do that, you may find it to be enjoyable. This is what I’ve done many times and have been able to enjoy a lot of anime because of it. To each their own though.

Grade: B- (average for all three episodes together)

Streamed By: Crunchyroll, VRV

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