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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For October 20th, 2019

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It was another busy week in the fall season with a lot to watch and take in with a whole lot of fun along the way.

The new season has me checking out two new dramas at the moment and they’re working well for me but I’m still wary about anything on network TV these days. Evil isn’t a great show but I like the cast, I like the way it’s playing it serious but also going at it with a critical eye, and it has a good sublayer storyline that’s inching forward. I’m largely feeling the same about Emergence as well since it has actors I like, the potential is interesting, but at the same time I don’t trust the network to handle it right and for the writer’s room to struggle with the length of the show if it does have a full-season pickup. Still, it’s a minor commitment overall when I’m not adding much for dramas in this arena.

My viewing partner for the Arrowverse was sadly largely absent this week (teenagers and their social nature!) but we did check out the first episode of the new Arrow season. I was the only one watching this show as everyone else in the family came on with Flash so a lot of this episode with its reworking of the original pilot didn’t click too well for them. But there were so many small moments and setup pieces in place here that I got to do a running commentary for them. And we had the fun of the ending sequence with a world wiped away. The future storyline that’s in play in 2042 does nothing for me and I’m curious how it’ll all come together post-Crisis.

On the sitcom side, the small stable of shows I watch continues to bring chuckles and that elusive comfort aspect that draws me to them. Eleven seasons of Modern Family means that I’m looking for something familiar there and I do find the show amusing and fun as it’s a great replay show for a lot of its earlier seasons. I’m also continuing to enjoy the other Chuck Lorre series with Mom and Young SheldonThe Good Place is working well for me too but it really does feel like it needs to cement itself a bit more to really work through this final season. This season the standouts for me continue to be the new series The Unicorn and the second season of Schooled. The latter in particular manages to work so well because they had so much time to establish the main cast on The Goldbergs for years.

On the streaming front, Netflix had me burning through the fifth and final season of Schitt’s Creek. This was a series that definitely clicked better in season two going forward and the fifth is a well-oiled machine that’s delivering a lot of great fun.

Over on Hulu, I started watching Letterkenny and I have no idea what to think after two episodes. No. Idea.

I also burned hard through the six-episode run of This Way Up, a really great BBC/Hulu copro that dealt with a pair of Irish sisters in London dealing with a host of problems. Really quite engaging.

And on Amazon, I’m getting my mother to watch Star Trek: Discovery so I’m going on my fourth go-around with this series. I’m close to finishing the first season of Trapped as I need my scandinoir material and this one delivers. I also started the newly arrived Modern Love series and my goodness does it give me all the feels. I only did two of the eight episodes but it plays the romantic dramedy stuff so well in 30-minute bites that I’m excited to see what the rest of it will be like.

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