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Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Vol. #07 Manga Review

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It does a well enough job of moving the story along.

It does a well enough job of moving the story along.

Creative Staff
Story: Hiro Ainana
Art: Aya Megumu
Translation: Jocelyne Allen

What they say
When a plot to steal the Forest of Illusions from its resident witch is revealed, it is up to Satou and his party to prevent it from happening. They’ll need to deliver three hundred potions to Sedum City to succeed, but the nobles behind the scheme won’t make it easy… with just a few hours to go, how will Satou and the gang manage to pull this off?!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Eight days after leaving Seiryuu City, Satou and his not-harem of lolitas have gone to a pottery shop where they plan on learning how to create pottery. Most of the party members fail. Liza is the only one aside from Satou who seems to have any success. Arisa could probably make pottery if she wanted to, but she was too busy making a figure of her beloved “master.” Among his party, Satou is the only one who seems to have any success with making the vials he needs to hold potions. In fact, he is so good that the person who owns the pottery studio asked if he was secretly a famous potter.

While this scene mostly serves to highlight how amazing Satou is at everything he does because he is perfect, it also serves to foreshadow events to come. The pottery studio will play an important role in this volume later on when the Witch’s potions are all destroyed.

After doing pottery, the group heads out for a relaxing day in the city they are staying at. They basically just act as tourists, sampling the local cuisine, seeing new sights, and so forth. During their time touring, Satou spots the man from before, the former soldier who tried to swindle him and now appears to be working for the local lord. Of course, because they recognize him and think he’s a fallen noble, the party decides to avoid the man like the plague and go on about their business.

Of course, when everything is going right, something will inevitably go wrong, and that happens when they come across the Witch’s apprentice being attacked by ruffians while delivering the Witch’s potions to the local lord. They do their best to lend a hand. However, the potions are still destroyed. They go to see the local lord and inform him about what happened, but of course, the small time crook who Satou keeps running into for mysterious reasons is there too. According to the lord, there is a pact between the Witch and the Count of Kuhanou. Since the Witch failed to deliver the potions, the pact is null in void—or it would be if Satou didn’t manage to use his broken skillset to create a compromise. If they can create the necessary amount of potions, they will be accepted as the pact being fulfilled.

Satou and his party do their best to help the Witch’s apprentice fulfill the quota by creating vials to use for the potion (using the pottery studio they went to at the beginning), finding ingredients to make more potion, and mixing the potion together. They are, of course, sabotaged at every angle by the crook, but Satou and his group persevere, not only delivering the potions on time but eventually revealing a plot to undermine the Count’s influence. The Governor—the noble introduced after the potion was destroyed—was working with the crook in an attempt to usurp the Count’s position. The situation is resolved halfway through this volume. After a party is held by the Count, the group receives a permit to purchase scrolls, and Satou purchases scrolls with knowledge on how to create holy swords.

The group leaves soon after and eventually finds their way to a fort—which is under attack by a four-headed Hydra. The chapter ends on this cliffhanger and Zena receiving a letter from Satou.

In Summary
Volume 7 for Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody wraps up the previous issue and presents a new one so the story can continue. It does a well enough job of moving the story along. That said, I won’t lie and say some parts of this story aren’t boring. The formula used for this series is very repetitious, so you get more of the same with every new arc: Satou and party arrive in new place, explore the sights, Satou meets more women, they run into a problem, and then they solve it before moving on to the next area with a problem only Satou can solve. It’s tried and true to its plot, but it is also predictable.

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: C+
Packaging Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: B

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: May 22, 2018
MSRP: $14.00

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