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Midnight Pulp Brings ‘Cybuster’ Anime To Amazon Streaming

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PsybusterDiscotek Media dabbled in a franchise that is loosely affiliated with the Super Robot Wars property with the 1999 anime series Psybuster as they picked up the rights to it back in 2017. The show was originally released in late 2004 and into 2005 by Geneon Entertainment as Cybuster where it received a full dub. The series has now gotten streaming on Amazon through Midnight Pulp’s channel where you can watch for free with Prime or buy episodes for 99-cents each. You can also get the entire season for $20.99 as well.

The show was directed by Hidehito Ueda based on the original story by Denma Matsu. Takeshi Itou served as the character designer with Ashi Productions handling the animation.

The Japanese cast includes Katsuaki Arima as Ken, Sumi Mutoh as Ryune, Yuki Masuda as Mizuki, Akira Negishi as Shu, Fumio Yoshioka as Masaki, Junpei Morita as Ryuzo, Kenji Nomura as Izaki, Naoko Miura as Safine, Ryoko Nagata as Sayuri, Saburo Kodaka as Itetsu and Yumiko Kobayashi as Nanase.

The English cast includes Jennifer Sekiguchi as Mizuki, Yuri Lowenthal as Ken, Abe Lasser as Itetsu, Alfred Thor as Ryuzo, Cindy Robinson as Leene.

Plot concept: In 2040, the continuous pollution and the mysterious series of earthquakes left the city of Tokyo in ruins. A young man named Ken Ando is in training to become a member of DC, an army-like organization designed to investigate and protect the collapsing environment. Ken, with the support from his sister, Sayuri, gives his best to become a part of the elite group. But he receives the devastating news of being cut from the team because of his poor performances in the evaluation sessions.

When an ominous monster suddenly appears from the sky with a blinding flash and starts mowing down DC’s working robots with mysterious invisible forces. Ken, eager to show what he is truly made of, engages in a battle with the monster. Little does he realize his own fate and the fate of Earth itself may be linked to the mysterious Mech from another world.