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3rd ‘Granblue Fantasy’ Season 2 Anime Episode Previewed

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The second season of Granblue Fantasy debuted on October 4th, 2019 as part of the fall season and now some additional promotion has come out for it. The official site has cut loose with the first preview for the second episode that’s set to arrive on October 18th, 2019. The new season is shaking things up a bit as Yui Umemoto is directing it with Kiyoko Yoshimura handling the series composition and scripts. Fumihide Sai is on board as the character design and MAPPA is handling the animation production.

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The first series had Yuuki Itou directing with Toshifumi Akai handling the character designs for it. With A-1 Pictures on the animation itself, we also know that Nobue Uematsu and Tsutomu Narita are handling the music. The opening theme song is “GO” by BUMP OF CHICKEN.

The Japanese cast includes Yuuki Ono as Glan, Nao Touyama as Ruria, Rie Kugimiya as Bii and Miyuki Sawashiro as Kataria.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The boy, who looked up to the skies and aimed for the Island of Stars, has linked his fate and life with the mysterious blue-haired girl who fell from the skies. What the boy and girl encountered on their journey were companions they could count on and then an airship heading to their destination. The two deepened their bonds and came of age while evading the pursuing empire and encountering the Primal Beasts. However, their path to the Island of Stars is but half complete. The boy and girl advance to their next journey with their companions.