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Midnight Pulp Adds ‘Thermae Romae’ Anime Streaming Via Amazon Prime

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Based on the fantastically fun and very well put together manga by Mari Yamazaki that Yen Press has released, Midnight Pulp is now streaming the Thermae Romae series through Amazon Prime. The nine episodes that are available are in its original Japanse language with English subtitles and are free viewing for Prime members. No purchase options are currently available.

Plot Concept: It’s the year 128 A.D. and Rome bathhouse architect Lucius Modestus is having trouble coming up with ideas for his future designs. After losing his job for refusing to adapt to the current times, the depressed Roman stops by a strange bathhouse that happens to have a time-traveling drain! He is sucked into it and transported to a modern-day Japanese bathhouse! While confused by his surroundings, he’s amazed by some of their incredible bathhouse innovations. Taking these ideas back to Rome, he incorporates them into his own designs and soon becomes famous all over Rome for his new and innovative ideas.