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Bikini Warriors Complete Collection Essentials Blu-ray Anime Review

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What They Say
Inspired by old school RPGs comes a series that’s stacked with battles, bosses, and… bikinis?! Prepare yourself for an adventure of epic proportions.

Follow a party of battle-ready beauties as they make their way on an epic quest. The athletic Fighter, elegant Paladin, enchanting Mage, and feirce Dark Elf are ready to max out their stats and minimize every dungeon dwelling baddy out there. And they’ll pick up all the treasure along the way. But crawling through dangerous dungeons and ominous forests will be the least of their worries! Between questionable quests and seriously underpaid jobs, they’ll have more obstacles in town than on the outside. But if they work together it’ll work out… right? Either way they’ll bust out the big weapons and tiny armor to face their journey head on.

Unsheathe your sword and prepare for battle.

The Review!
Dolby TrueHD English 5.1 and Dolby TrueHD Japanese 2.0 sound high-tech, but the audio is about average for this anime. While the audio production itself is about average, the series has some interesting surprises. Namely, the composition. Because this series is a parody take on classic RPGs and DnD, the musical composition is something that sounds vaguely fantasy, and while I wouldn’t call it amazing, it fit well with the anime’s major themes and helped push along the series.

Produced by Hobby Japan and directed by Naoyuki Kuzuya, Bikini Warrior’s overall video production is about… probably what you’d expect of a parody series made by a company that produces more role-playing tabletop games, manga, and light novels than it does anime. They seem to have produced Queen’s Blade, Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls, Seven Mortals Sins, and Invaders of the Rokujyoma. If you know your anime, you’ll know that pretty much all of those are ecchi series that focus more on the boobs of the characters than their faces—not that there’s anything wrong with this. However, knowing this should tell you what you’re getting into when you watch this series.

Naoyuki Kuzuya is also well-known for working on quite a few ecchi series, including Shuffle!, The Familiar of Zero, XXXHolic, Shakugan no Shana, Papa no Ikuto wo Kikinasai!, Maburaho, and quite a few others. He’s got a very extensive list, though most of what he’s worked on was storyboarding or directing specific episodes. I would say he overall did a nice job with this series. It was a parody, so what you see is kind of what you get.

In keeping with the DnD themes, Bikini Warrior’s front cover has a sandy background with the four heroines prominently features in the front. There’s the smoking hot redhead, Fighter, the super sexy blonde, Paladin, the gorgeous dark elf… Dark Elf… and the cutie mage in the black bikini, Mage. Given the title—Bikini Warriors—I don’t think I need to tell you that all of them are wearing bikinis. Not only are they wearing bikinis, but it looks like their boobs are bouncing really hard, like painfully hard. Overall, if you don’t know what you’re getting into when you look at that cover, I’m not sure what to tell you. The back has the same kind of background, but it looks like there’s a map hidden behind the text, screenshots, and other information.

The menu features our heroines in their boobiest—I mean, in their best moment. It’s actually just the image from the cover with a background that looks like an ancient map, the kind you might expect to see in a fantasy movie or a DnD setting RPG game. Fantasy-esque music plays in the background. Meanwhile, you can select between playing all the episodes, selecting episodes, changing the settings, or choosing the extras.

The extras found in the Blu-ray essentials are textless opening and closing theme song version 1 and 2, and trailers. It honestly isn’t much as far as extras are concerned. However, given what this anime is about, it is not that surprising that there isn’t a whole lot of content. You get plenty of plot in the main series.

Content: (Please note that this portion of the review may contain spoilers):
Have you ever watched something that was so bad it was good? Something that you thought was really stupid, but you liked it anyway? That’s probably what I can say about Bikini Warriors—a tale of four heroines dressed in bikinis as they battle their way through dungeons, deal with corrupt nobles, and try to find ways to make more money because dungeon-crawling apparently doesn’t pay the bills. When these girls aren’t showing off the goods, they can usually be found… complaining about how their bikinis don’t cover all the essentials.

Like most anime, this one features all the tropes you can expect from a series like this but with none of the attempts at making the series even remotely seriously. This anime does not take itself seriously, so why should you, in other words. The very first episode begins with the four heroines shopping for armor at a blacksmith’s store. The blacksmith is your typical tough guy with scars on his face who looks like he eats metal screws for breakfast, but what he’s selling to the girls are bikinis—not even armor, just bikinis. They look like something a woman might wear to the pool. They’re definitely not something women would be found in while dungeon crawling, and the girls are more than happy to let this man know they think he’s being sexist for selling them bikinis instead of armor.

Then they go into the dungeon without his armor.

They are annihilated.

Fast-forward a bit and Mage, Paladin, and Dark Elf have all bought their bikinis—and they are quite happy with them. Indeed, these bikinis offer them great protect despite being made from small threads of fabric that don’t even cover the goods. They are so happy with their new bikinis that they constantly talk about how good they are. Needless to say, Fighter, who did not buy the bikini and is finding herself getting hurt more often than not because she doesn’t have the super amazing bikini armor, is not happy. When their first-ever dungeon crawl comes to an end, she miserably travels to the blacksmith’s shop and buys the bikini.

While this anime is Dumb with a capital D, it is precisely because it is so stupid that I found myself enjoying it. The series never takes itself seriously and is constantly pulling various gags and jokes related to classic DnD scenarios with a heavy emphasis on how most women in video games always seem to be wearing impractical bikini armor instead of regular full plate mail. Basically, it makes fun of something that certain groups have been complaining about for awhile now, and it does so masterfully.

Because of the nature of this parody series, none of the characters are very fleshed out. They are basic archetypes who play specific roles typical of fantasy RPGs, but they have a “twist” that makes them somewhat unique. Dark Elf is arrogant and loves money, Fighter is feisty and easily gets upset, Mage is shy and cute, and Paladin is a masochist who pretends she’s putting herself in harms way for the sake of protecting others but secretly likes being abused. You’ve probably seen this done before. In fact, I would be surprised if you haven’t seen similar archetypes in anime. With Bikini Warriors, you aren’t going to get much more than this, but since this is a parody series that doesn’t break any boundaries, I don’t think you really need to get much more.

What I think helps keep the series from growing stale is that Bikini Warriors is very short. While it has the standard 12 episodes, each episode is only about 4 minutes long—long enough to tell a funny story but short enough that you won’t grow bored by having the same jokes told over and over again.

In Summary:
Bikini Warrior is an anime that wears its heart on its sleeve—literally. What you see is what you get with this anime. It isn’t groundbreaking, it doesn’t have any meaningful lessons that can be derived from it (except to maybe teach those youngins about the benefits of bikini armor), and won’t give you a super thrilling story. However, if you want something that is just dumb fun and will make you laugh—provided you aren’t prude—this series has got you covered.

Content Grade: B
Audio Grade: B
Video Grade: B
Packaging Grade: B
Menu Grade: B
Extras Grade: B

Released By: Funimation
Release Date: March 26, 2019
MSRP: $14.99
Running Time: 48 minutes
Video Encoding: 1080p
Aspect Ratio: 16×9 Anamorphic

Review Equipment:
55″ Class AQUOS HD Series LED TV LC-55LE643U, Xbox 360 DVD player

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