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7th ‘Major 2nd’ Anime Episode Previewed

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© Takuya Mitsuda · Shogakkan / NHK · NEP · ShoPro

The anime adaptation of the Major 2nd manga series from Takuya Mitsuda landed in the 2008 season with a lot of fans falling in with it, especially as the manga was doing well. It looks like we’re up for another round of the property as NHK hs confirmed that a second season is in production with a planned April 2020 debut for it, timed once again for the spring baseball season like clockwork. It’s expected that the main cast and production team members will be back but confirmations for that will come later.

The first season of the series was directed by Ayumu Watanabe based on the scripts by Michihiro Tsuchiya, Kenji Konuda, Mitsuyo Suenaga, and Kenichi Yamashita. Kenichi Oonuki is handling the character designs with Shogakukan Production handling the animation.

The Japanese cast includes Natsumi Fujiwara as Daigo Shigeno, Koutarou Nishiyama as Hikaru Satou, Kana Hanazawa as Mutsuko Sakura, Natsumi Takamori as Izumi Shigeno, Yuko Sasamoto as Kaoru Shigeno, Yui Horie as Michiru Mayumura, and Jun Fukushima as Wataru Mayumura.

That original series ran for sixteen years between 1994 and 2010 from Takuya Mitsuda where it produced seventy-eight volumes to its name and over fifty million copies sold. And, of course, a couple hundred anime episodes and a few films.

Plot concept: Shigeno Daigo is an elementary school student whose father, Goro, is a professional baseball player. Inspired by his father, who was once a Major League player, Daigo started playing baseball with the Mifune Dolphins, a youth league team. He was unable to live up to the expectations of being the son of a professional, however, and quit baseball after less than a year. Then, in the spring of his sixth-grade year, Daigo’s school welcomes a transfer student who’s just returned from America. The transfer student is Sato Hikaru, and it turns out his father is Sato Toshiya, a former Major League player and Goro’s close friend. The fate of these two young men begins to move forward!

[Source: ANN]

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