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ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me? Episode #02 Anime Review

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"I'm Attacked by an Impossible Spiral"
©2018 駱駝/KADOKAWA/「俺好き」製作委員会

“I’m Attacked by an Impossible Spiral”

What They Say:
Question: What would you do if a girl you liked asked you out on a date? Now imagine it’s not one, but two beautiful girls, the cool beauty, Cosmos, and the cute childhood friend, Himawari!! Of course, you would make plans with both. Except for the “feelings” they confess to you are… Asking me for “romantic advice,” since they’re both in love with someone else. Hahaha… That’s it! I’m not gonna take it anymore! I’m giving up on this obtuse, harmless persona and going back to my true self. But I can’t give up hope here. If I give them my advice, at least one of them may fall in love with me!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As promised, Joro reluctantly spends his lunch break in the library with his crazy stalker. Pansy, the aforementioned stalker, is ecstatic that he’s keeping his word. Although, he pretty much has to since she blackmailed him. After some fun banter between the two, Pansy inquires about how he’s helping out Himawari and Cosmos lately. Joro mentions that Himawari wanted help setting up a movie date with Sun-chan while Cosmos wanted help setting up a situation where they could eat lunch together. As you can probably imagine, things don’t go smoothly at all since the girls are terrible with this kind of stuff. Regardless, Joro manages to smooth things over and secure alone time with Sun-chan for both of them. What a nice guy. I mean he’s still a dick, but a nice guy.

Joro sighs in the library and reiterates that the girls are terrible at this. He does give them points for diligence though. Pansy remarks that when this is all finally over, they can finally spend more time together. Joro immediately shoots that idea down and proclaims that once this is all over, he’s going to find a nice beautiful girl with a big heart…and bigger boobs. Pansy hilariously retorts that he’s basically describing her. He quickly snaps back and insults her by calling her an ugly pig. That was a bit rude and you can tell that Pansy is not amused. She then poses a question to Joro – what if Sun-chan likes another girl? Joro loses his cool and gets extremely nervous as he had never thought of such a possibility. Naturally, he must now go find out if it’s true or not.

During basketball practice, Joro boldly asks Sun-chan if there’s anyone he likes? Though a bit embarrassing, he agrees to tell Joro since they’re best friends. However, he won’t tell him in the gym where everyone can hear them. He wants to go somewhere private. Oh boy! A lot of funny possibilities run through my mind about what’s going to transpire. So where is this going? Sun-chan leads him outside to a tree…with a bench underneath it. Joro begins having an existential crisis and wonders why the bench brings him nothing but despair. Bench-kun is the real villain! I can’t stop laughing at this point. Sun-chan then tells Joro there’s someone he likes. When he thinks of this person, it makes his chest feel tight. Just seeing her everyday was enough to make him happy. And that person is…Pansy! I can’t, I just can’t. I’m dying of laughter. Not only that, he fell in love with her after the exact same baseball game that Himawari and Cosmos fell in love with him! Jeez, did everyone fall in love after this game or something!? I must admit that I was sort of expecting Sun-chan to confess his love for Joro. That would have been the funniest thing ever but I digress.

Alright, I’m done laughing, for now. Of course, Joro’s been through this rodeo before and is not surprised when Sun-chan asks for his help. However, Joro blatantly refuses. He doesn’t want to risk angering the girls if they find out about this and would rather avoid more trouble. But since’s a nice dude, he gives his friend some words of encouragement before he goes on his way. He then meets up with Pansy in the hallway and asks if she’d like dating Sun-chan. After all, he’s way better than him. This makes her visibly upset and she tells Joro once again that there’s only one person that she wants to be with, and that’s him. His words actually hurt her feelings. To make matters worse, Sun-chan sees them talking in the hallway and gets extraordinarily pissed. He can’t believe his friend would hide being so close with the girl he likes. Pansy throws him a bone though and says that they don’t know each other at all and that they were just talking about student council stuff. This puts Sun-chan at ease and Pansy walks off..but not before telling Joro that he’s a jerk. He deserved that one.

Pansy informs Joro that he does not have to come to the library during his lunch break until next time. Clearly she’s still upset about that incident. But hey, at least he’s got his free time back for a while. Yay? Maybe things are looking up for our boy. He receives a text from Cosmos asking him to meet her right away, which he does. She informs him that Sun-chan has confided in her that he’s in love with Pansy and wants her to help him. Uh oh. She then asks Joro if he knew about this and answers that he did. Granted, he’s only known about it for a day. But before he could defend himself, Cosmos angrily tells him that she doesn’t need him anymore and calls him a jerk before storming off. I don’t think he deserved that one. Himawari then texts him also asking to meet him. Oh no, not again. His fears are realized when she tells him the exact same thing Cosmos just did. And just like her, she also says she doesn’t need him anymore and calls him a jerk before running off. I also don’t think he deserved that! Sure, he was helping them for selfish reasons but he actually put in the effort to help them and this is how they repay him? Poor guy.

Well, all the girls think he’s a jerk. Things can’t get any worse, right? Haha, of course they can! It’s Monday and Joro is once again spending his lunch breaks at the library. Pansy is there waiting for him and begins taunting him about the interesting week he just had. This greatly irritates him. He’s about to go off on her but she stops him and says that the most interesting part is about to come up. At that moment, the door to the library opens and Sun-chan, Himawari, and Cosmos are standing there with shocked expressions. Dang, she just did him dirty! Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. The scene fades with Pansy mischievously grinning.

In Summary: Another hilarious episode with top notch comedy! The jokes once again hit their mark. Joro’s reaction and facial expressions are icing on the cake. I can never look at benches the same way again thanks to this show. The next episode can’t come fast enough and that’s a good sign that the anime is doing a lot of things right. If it can continue to deliver these quality laughs throughout the entire season, we may be looking at the comedy of the year.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll, VRV, HIDIVE, Funimation

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