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Powers in Action #3 Review

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Creative Staff:
Story: Art Baltazar
Art: Art Baltazar
Colors: Art Baltazar

What They Say:
The power of the Amulet has been sliced in half! One half Good. One half Evil. An uneven balance of power can destroy the universe! But first, the Evil Darkstorm intends to destroy The Hero Squadron using this evil power! All looks doomed for our heroes! Unless the Power of the Amulet can save them! But how? Only the one most worthy can posses it! Join us for this epic battle of super heroics and mystical realms! Based on the super hero creations of famous cartoonist Art Baltazar! Aw Yeah!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
At the end of the previous issue, our heroes had been graced by the presence of a handsomely buff man…who actually turned out to be the Power of the Amulet! He’s on the side of good. Naturally, he’s here to defeat the Evil One known as Darkstorm. Darkstorm immediately throws a slew of insults at his foe and then nonchalantly requests that he just hand the amulet over so they can just be done with it. For his troubles, Darkstorm gets a nice punch that sends him flying all the way to the moon! Heck, the impact was so strong that the moon cracks! Wowsers! The Good One (I prefer calling him this instead of Amulet…or whatever his name actually is) quickly flies to the moon and proceeds to exchange blows with Darkstorm, destroying most of the moon in the process. Yikes!

Can I just say that I am a fan of Darkstorm and his quirky humor? Because I am. His exchanges with the Good One gave me a few good chuckles. I’m also a fan of how the Good One seems like HE HAS TO YELL EVERY TIME HE TALKS BECAUSE WHY NOT!? YEAH! I don’t know why I find it so funny, but I do.

Darkstorm and the Good One continue fighting and arguing over the amulet as if they were having some kind of sibling spat. Eventually, the Sorcerer appears to stop their squabbling and to scold them. Just like a dad disciplining his kids! He tells them both that there must be balance and that there can only be one – one being, one amulet. The External Flame of Vortexial Time will decide which one will remain and which one will be banished. Of course, to no one’s surprise, Darkstorm gets the short end of the stick and is banished. The Good One gets the mystic amulet and Darkstorm’s cape! What a low blow. He’ll be back though! Someday. Probably. I miss Darkstorm already.

So, remember how I mentioned that they pretty much destroyed the moon? Well, every time they did damage to it the hero known as Moon also took damage. This is because his powers are connected to the moon. Shocker, am I right? He’s been containing a dark entity called Dusk within him for sixty years and because of all the damage he’s sustained, he’s now free again! That’s certainly not good. The weaker the moon is, the stronger Dusk is. Moon’s two brothers show up and begin attacking Dusk. Ultimately, it seems their attacks did nothing as Dusk has possessed their brother. Dusk laughs and tells everyone to prepare for their doom…only for him to fall to his own doom randomly. It’s a good thing Suplex was able to catch him though! In an odd twist of fate, it seems that Moon is now in control of his body again!? Except he looks like Dusk and wants to be referred to as such. Is he really Moon or is he actually Dusk? Or both? Things just got weird. The issue ends with the Good One telling the Squadron that they have work to do. A hero’s work is never done after all!

In Summary:
This was an entertaining read full of lighthearted fun. All the characters were hilarious and the dialogue was amusing. Lots of good laughs were had! This series can be enjoyed by people of all ages which I believe is always a plus. Art Baltazar is doing some good work here. Looking forward to the next issue! Bring back Darkstorm!

Grade: B+

Age Rating: Everyone
Released By: Action Lab Comics
Release Date: October 2nd, 2019
MSRP: $3.99

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