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KAZÉ Deutschland Reveals ‘Netsuzou TRap’ German Dubbed Anime Trailer

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Netsuzou Trap VisualThe summer 2017 anime series Netsuzou TRap has found itself some new home video distribution with Kaze Deutschland having picked it up for release. They released it as a complete edition on DVD and Blu-ray back on July 12th, 2019 but have only now brought out a German dubbed trailer for it to show off. The sets are bilingual in nature but don’t list any extras included with it. They’re priced at 34,95 € for the DVD and 39,95 € for the Blu-ray. Check out the trailer below!

Hisayoshi Hirasawa served as the chief director with scripts by Words in Stereo x Yuuichi Uchibori. Masaru Kawashima worked on the character designs and Creators in Pack handled the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Ai Kakuma as Yuma Okazaki, Hiromi Igarashi as Hotaru Mizushima, Daisuke Ono as Fujiwara and Ryota Osaka as Takeda.

The opening theme song will be “Blue Bud Blue” from Haruka Tojo.

Plot Concept: Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since childhood. It is only natural that when Yuma is nervous about her new boyfriend, she asks Hotaru and her boyfriend along for a double date. But when Hotaru offers herself to Yuma as “practice”, both girls realize that they’re more interested in each other than they are in their own boyfriends. With boyfriends in the foreground but a secret, passionate tryst in the background, will Yuma and Hotaru try to forget what happened between them or have they fallen into a trap of true love and betrayal?

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