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Third ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ Anime Season Scheduled With First Commecial

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It’s been busy with all the material coming out from this larger franchise under A Certain Magical Index but word has now come down about the next season of A Certain Scientific Railgun. With it teased potentially for a 2019 debut previously, the series is now scheduled for its third season to arrive in January 2020 on the usual networks, according to the latest Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. More details will be coming over the season but it was confirmed that fripSide will handle the opening song while Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets will handle the ending song.

The main cast for it is coming back with Rina Satou as Mikoto Misaka, Satomi Arai as Kuroko Shirai, Aki Toyosaki as Kazari Uiharu, Kanae Itō as Ruiko Saten, and Azumi Asakura as Misaki Shokuhō.

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Plot concept: Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities – and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move – make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. She uses her teleportation skills as a member of the Judgment law enforcement team, fighting crime alongside her fellow agent Uiharu. Joined by their friend Saten, a spunky Level 0 esper, Misaka, Kuroko, and Uiharu have a blast taking on danger whenever and wherever it arises. Luckily, in a city full of super-powered gangs, mad scientists, and the occasional weird monster, the girls have no problem finding plenty of excitement, action, and adventure! From the director of Toradora!, take another explosively fun trip into the world of A Certain Magical Index with A Certain Scientific Railgun!

[Source: ANN]

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