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Fire Force Episode #10 Anime Review

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The Promise
© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

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The Promise

The Review
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Episode 10 is finally able to truly deliver on inserting comedy and making it feel natural. It’s taken a long time but it’s gotten there. Hibana is love obsessed with Shinra and makes food for him which leads to a food competition for Shinra affliction by Hibana and Obi. Squad 8 finally has a full squad and is invaded by Tamaki of Squad 1 and Hibana of Squad 5 which leads to Obi losing control of his company. This episode feels less like a workplace and more like a family comedy and I am glad that this episode was able to take a break from fighting and work on creating personal connections. 

Some comedic bits that don’t need to be included is when Tamaki is afflicted by her Lucky Lecher Lure and Authur lack of intelligence and common sense. Thankfully, this tactic has used less often and the moments that it happens move along rather quickly. I don’t feel that Authur lack of common sense need to be constantly brought up at all. It just doesn’t bring anything to the table. Shinra mentions it for a little bit and then just forgets about it and other characters just don’t even acknowledge it. 

You could say the family consists of three siblings, Shinra, Authur, and Tamaki who constantly fight, two sisters, Maki and Iris who share a tight bond, an elder brother, Lieutenant Hinawa who wants to keep everything in order by sheer force and a dad and mom who fight each other to get their children to love one of them more. Lieutenant Hinawa is even given a chance to shine as he talks about how he feels about this family as he has a deep conversation with Shinra. He gets Shinra to open up with everyone about his worries. Lieutenant Hinawa has been portrayed as a character who demands strict discipline and with a somber face but he is able to get Shinra to open up and Captain Obi and displays a rare smile. There were many wonderful moments to learn more about him and they were excellently utilized.

This episode also does a great job to foreshadow the future and to finally fleshed out the world. All the eight company squads captains are summoned by the commanding force. They are given a unified mission but things never go as planned. Some squads have secret agendas and some squads are openly defiant and march to their own tune. 

A mystery that has been continuously touched upon is the question about what happened to Shinra’s brother. Joker reveals more of the truth of Shinra brother and uses this information to push him into the path a devil but reaffirms Shinra’s dream to be a hero. Joker was seemingly set up as anti-villain but he is starting to seem like an anti-hero. He is pushing Shinra to become a devil but it feels like he wants to give Shinra a chance to find out the truth of the world and to be able to come up with his own path.  

One thing that did felt off in this episode is Joker wearing what looks to be like Apple AirPods. That just feels weird to look at in this anime because neither cell phones nor smartphones have been set up in this world. It just feels out of place to have it included in this scene. 

© Atsushi Ohkubo / Kodansha

With Joker now moving on to an anti-hero status, the true villains, the Evangelist, and the White Clad group have been revealed and their goal is set up. The villains are after people with an Adolla Burst, which is a special ability that only a few may have. It is a good sign that people with even more special powers are being set up at an early stage of the anime.

This episode takes a break from the action-packed scenes from the last couple episodes to some light-hearted comedy. A family has been created from the loss of previous episodes as characters move on towards a new future.  How will this family deal with the threat of the future as various antagonists make a move to threaten their peace?

Grade: A-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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