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Dr. Stone Episode #11 Anime Review

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Iron? Check. Electricity? Check. What comes next when developing a drug to take on the world?
Dr. Stone Episode #11

Glassy-eyed stare.

What They Say:
Episode #11: “Clear World”

The Review
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Iron? Check. Electricity? Check. What comes next when developing a drug to take on the world?

It turns out that Senku needs glass for his chemical manipulation. Pottery just isn’t going to cut it. Plus, Senku has an ulterior motive to make a gift for a faithful fan, Suika. So he starts to make his point about how important glass is by pulling off her gourd mask, to the shock of all the science crew. It turns out Suika is cute as a button, but hide her face because without the mask everyone sees her squinty-squished face.

Senku came to the early, and correct conclusion that Suika had an eye issue, and it turns out she’s badly nearsighted. She has spent most of her life in a blur. Senku knows that if he can make glass, he can make glasses, and prove the usefulness of the material. The promise that he can fix her vision makes Suika a fervent helper in the quest for glass.

Senku has certainly watched glass blowing before, and they already had the knowledge to mix the right sands (quartz specifically) to get a clear glass. The other components, lime, and soda ash, they already had in quantity. He constructs another furnace and melts down his components, resulting in clear glass. He even manages to make a polisher using some of Chrome’s rock collection. 

The payoff is watching them present Suika with her new, refitted mask. As she dons the globe and opens her eyes she sees a field of sunflowers, the mountains, the trees, and the boys clearly for the first time. It’s a touching moment, and it’s these moments where Senku’s technology and science experiments result in solving personal problems that make you realize that the whole pursuit is worth it.

The rest of the episode results in some snags for the group. I did a glass blowing class last winter and there is a lot going into making nice, round goblets. Even making a simple orb is tough enough. Senku and Chrome learn this the hard way. Even with the correct equipment, the boys don’t really have the skills to work the glass the way they want. There’s an art to it and Senku is many things, but an artist he isn’t.

Enter a kidnapped old man. Kaseki is the best artisan in the village. The old man constructed the rope bridge and Kohaku’s shield. He wants nothing to do with the outcast scientists and their magic but changes his mind when he watches the hot mess they’re making with the glass. He steps in and shows them how it’s done, creating many beautiful and masterfully crafted beakers for the group.

That wasn’t the only problem. Kinro isn’t keeping up with his combat against Kohaku. She knocks him and chastises him on his weak strikes. Ginro knows what Kinro won’t admit, that the guard is also nearsighted and has a hard time judging distance. With the vision thing worked out he could easily ask the scientists for a solution, but pride is a hell of a drug. Ginro suggests a silver spear so that Kinro can see his strikes better. Will that really do the trick though?

Kaseki blows some glass.

In Summary:
This episode is equal parts clever, heartwarming, and hilarity. The quest to make glass is a fun one, with the group bonding over the many practical uses of it. Suika continues to be the best member of team science, and she deserved to finally get to see the world as it is. Kaseki is a strong new member for the team as well. Slowly the village is becoming more and more involved in the works of the two science bros. I just wish the show would slow down to show off some of the stranger elements of science that they use. I had no idea that obsidian could foam when heated! Plus, what is Tsukasa up to during all of this?

Episode Grade: B +

Streamed by: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Toonami!

I can see clearly now.

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