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Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan Episode #111 Anime Review

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“Goma-chan and Ruriko-chan”
© Hiromi Morishita · OOP / Team Goma

“Goma-chan and Ruriko-chan”

What They Say:
A comedy manga, “Shonen Ashibe,” that follows the friendship between baby spotted seal Goma-chan and first-grade student Ashiya Ashibe. First serialized in 1988 and adapted to anime in 1991, the adorable Goma-chan created a massive following and a spotted seal boom. This spring, Goma-chan returns to “Tentere Anime.” A cute, pleasant story of Ashibe and Goma-chan and their unusual school and their neighbors. Sometimes endearing, sometimes bizarre, it’s a fun anime for the whole family!

The Review:
Getting back into the rhythm of this series after getting the summer off from it was just as easy as past breaks between seasons. The series just has a certain flow and feeling to it that makes it easy to slide back into even when it opens with simpler and more basic return style episodes instead of going big. But that’s always been the appeal of the show in that most of the time it’s a very down to earth kids comedy series. When it does go big and silly it’s outlandish and often thanks to Ashibe’s grandfather. When the kids go big they’re just plain goofy and silly. So getting an episode that focuses on Ruriko is nice as she and Goma-chan are getting some time together. And babies and seals are definitely fun to watch.

The humor definitely works well as Ruriko is so attached to Goma-chan that nobody can get her off of him and Yumiko has to get them home soon. Even trying to substitute Goro for Goma-chan doesn’t work! As this plays out in the park, more and more women come by and see what’s going on and try to help separate the two. But each attempt goes worse and worse, especially since Ruriko can just start crying uncontrollably and that’ll scare off most adults. Even Ashibe’s mom comes by and tries to figure out a way to help, thinking of how she treated Ashibe in situations like this back in the day but coming up with nothing that works. With so many adult women in the mix as it progresses, it’s definitely amusing seeing them all coming up short on this plan since outside of Ma, almost none of them have kids themselves.

In Summary:
With a few jokes and visuals about how this is Goma-chan’s life from here on out now, the show resolves itself pretty much in the ways that you’d expect. It’s a very female-centric episode that works well since we get such a good range of characters and ideas that are put into motion. But when the focus is on Ruriko one has to remember her origins and what’ll work in actually getting her to do things. While Yumiko may not be on board for some of the things that her father wants to do, Ruriko is definitely different when it comes to that and dealing with her father, which leads to some really cute bits to finish it all out.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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