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Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?, Vol. #01 Manga Review

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Playing in a real-life video game is great ... but can you have fun with your mom?

Playing in a real-life video game is great … but can you have fun with your mom?

Creative Staff:

Art: Meicha
Original Story: Dachima Inaka
Character Design: Iida Pochi.
Translation: Andrew Cunningham

What They Say:

High school gamer Masato Oosuki is stoked to be transported into a video game world and given the chance to show off his chops … but why is his doting, embarrassing mother in the game with him, too?! And why is she so good at it?! Welcome to a whole new kind of momcom role-playing adventure based on the original light novel series!

Content (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):

Masato was your typical high school student who loved to play video games and was anxious to leave until his homeroom teacher gave an unusual survey before the end of the day: the Parent-Child Mind-set Survey. The anonymous questionnaire had strange questions about his relationship with his mother, but the most unusual was if he could go on an adventure with her, would they get closer, to which he answered probably; but as the instructor looked over the responses, he noticed one student accidentally wrote his name on the paper which allowed them to move to the next phase of the test. However when he arrived home and tried to sneak in as quietly as possible a squeaky floorboard alerts his mother Mamako, allowing her to come out from entertaining company to ask about his day – to which this teenager coldly and verbally brushes her away. It was then when the guest introduces herself as Shirase and stated she was here to follow up on the survey he took at school which surprises his parent, but her son once again curtly responds to her overly affectionate advances and storms off upstairs. After discussing the problems she has of watching Masato grow up and always needing her but now wishing he would depend on her more, this civil servant fortunately understands and thus with optimism she agrees the Oosuki family fulfills their requirements to participate in their virtual adventure.

With complete boldness, Shirase enters Masato’s room and begins complementing his gaming rig, then questioning which game he is playing and finally asking if he ever wanted to enter so he could participate for real, after a quick yes she enters a few keystrokes and opens a portal beyond the video screen. As he reassures himself he is doing this to get stronger so he can voice his true feelings to his mother, Masato finds himself being drawn a the digital world but as he looks around in wonder and amazement a familiar voice echoes from behind scolding for leaving her behind … it is Mamako. Once over his sullen attitude the pair walk to the nearest building and meet the ruler of the Transport Palace and following a confusing conversation they set up opening game accounts, whereby this NPC attempts to send them off without any further explanations, but with Masato’s vehement protests he breaks down and takes his responsibilities seriously; this closed beta test game is tentatively called MMMMMORPG, it is a typical fantasy role-playing game with varied job classes and skillsets, but in order to properly gather data they may not make any changes to their statuses – leaving this quirky guide to then ask Mamako if she understands and when she does not, pushes the task of explaining to her son. After revealing a secret passage the ruler opens a new door to the armory and allows them to select one of three swords, with Makoto selecting Firmamento their escort hastily reads off the description, but when Mamako easily pulls out the remaining two at once he again neglects his function and acts as if this mistake is an error in the game. Tired of putting too much effort into his job the ruler leaves the pair with a guide book and pushes them directly into battle tutorial, this allows the son to take charge in order to try this new game and as he attempts to attack the massive horde of monsters his mother quickly takes over to impress her child. With one quick swing from the holy sword, Altura and Terra di Madre Mamako easily eliminate the oncoming swarm in two attacks … leaving Masato in awe and wondering what has happened to his happy adventure with him being weaker than the one he is supposed to protect?

In Summary:

By the time this title was translated for an English release, the same-named series has been adapted into an anime and while normally this would detract from the enjoyment, this book version has its own drawbacks and disappointments. Although both adaptations follow the same storyline, this medium has dropped some of the more innocent reactions from Mamako when referring to her experience playing video games: while the show makes her seem ignorant of modern versions and exposing her old school thinking, this manga ignores any such jokes and leaves her appearing clueless; although this latter version may allow for some laughs in wondering how Masato will explain the concepts, the former endear her to viewers who are players and allows an inside laugh as to wondering if she has ever played outside of pixel-based games. While this omission is excusable to those who have not seen the show, the most glaring mistake which could have been made for a sequential book is repetition of pages … in order words we have scenes which we have just read copied onto the following or opposing page. Although this problem may have been passed off as a printing error if it was once, this blunder occurs three times within the same book and thus it interrupts a smooth transition of the story or makes one wonder if the reader is missing something. There are moments within the narrative where details seem to have been skipped and thus question if these repeat pages cut out information which might have made the story proceed uniformly.

Overall Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? on the surface appears to be a charming story of a mother and her son trying to reconnect through living in a video game, but due to stumbles in adaptation, recycled puns and jokes plus printing errors this premier volume collapses just as we begin to the enjoy the story. While you can piece together what happens with some creative reading it results in a clumsy assembly and lacks the connection to what viewers want to see in a good isekai title – being able to accomplish something for themselves in a foreign world. To see watch this obviously adult woman flaunts her curves may seem like fun, but it is painful to watch Masato fail in his efforts to get strong and mentally distressing after he insults the woman who cares so much for him that at times this title does not seem like a comedy but a demonstration of a family which should have started counseling before the game began. Hopefully the series will become more fulfilling, but for now, it is a clumsy mess with too many mommy references all in an effort to make readers and Masato uncomfortable.

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: A
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A-

Age Rating: Mature
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: September 3rd, 2019
MSRP: $14.00

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