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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For September 1st, 2019

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The end of August is one of the worst times for movies and TV because it's either barren or something of a dumper ground.

The end of August is one of the worst times for movies and TV because it’s either barren or something of a dumper ground. While I’m enjoying taking in more Preacher, thee’s not much else going on beyond that – enough so that I actively opt to just not try and catch-up on things in my queue that came out an age ago and just get a little time away.

The end is just about here for the second season of Dark as I have two episodes left to finish tonight with my daughter, who I swear is going to draw some mad flowcharts to try and track all of this. The series has been fantastic but really requires a lot of attention but also some knowledge. There are so many little things that I’m sure make it easy for German audiences to know which time period things take in instantly that I’m not picking up on so it’s a bit easier. But I love the show and how it deals with time travel and the fallout of it, especially since expanding to different periods. The series supposedly has a third and final season that will hit next year and I intend to rewatch a season a day ahead of it and then binge the final season. And it will be glorious and make complete sense.

I had just finished off the second season of Working Moms a few weeks ago it feels like and Netflix has quickly onboarded the third season. There was a gap between seasons in how Netflix brought it on but the show originated in Canada with normal broadcast runs so it was welcome to get them dropped like this. A fourth season is set for next year so it’s good going into this one to know there’s more. The show has plenty of awful material and it’s good to see that they can achieve that just like male dominated series, but I’m enjoying all the quirks and weirdness along with the unexpected paths that they take. The leads are a bit more disconnected from each other this season but their own storylines are growing and taking up more time with supporting cast so it fits well and leaves me enjoying it.

Beyond that, it’s been quiet this past week. I’ve dabbled in a little repeat sitcom material and started tackling the second season of the Battlestar Galactica reboot as a background show. But this time of year there’s just not a lot on and so many different things drawing my attention that TV shows actually fall back a good degree. That said, the fall season premieres really get underway in the third or fourth week of this month and that means a whole lot to take in.