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Paramount Adds ‘Millennium Actress’ Anime Streaming Via Amazon

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Millennium Actress

With a really great theatrical experience earlier this month and a home video release on the way, it looks like another avenue for seeing Millennium Actress popped up this summer. Added in July but missed with the way so many things are just dropped on services without real notice, Paramount brought the film to Amazon. It’s available for free viewing for Prime members here. The film is in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

Bandai Visual Japan released the film on Blu-ray back on February 21st, 2014. The feature, which was released in North America by DreamWorks back in 2003, was priced at 6090yen and will feature the 87 minute feature with four minutes of extras (trailers, TV spots) as well as a feature-length commentary track by Satoshi Kon, sound director Masafumi Mima, and Chiyoko Fujiwara’s voice actresses Miyoko Shoji, Mami Koyama, and Fumiko Orikasa which was used in the previous DVD limited edition set years ago. The feature itself will provide a 5.1 mix in Dolby TrueHD as well as the original stereo mix in PCM. The transfer worked off of a new telecine print.

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Plot concept: Chiyoko Fujiwara was once a major movie star who dominated the Japanese cinema world. Thirty years ago, she abruptly disappeared from the screen and public view.

One of her greatest admirers, Genya Tachibana, is a documentary filmmaker who has traveled to the isolated mountain lodge where she makes her home to interview her. There, he presents her with an old key, and as if they key had opened a door to her memories, Chiyoko starts telling the story of her life, interweaving moments from her past and future and passing through the boundary between reality and the movies that had made up so much of her life.

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