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Uta no ☆Prince-sama ♪Maji LOVE Kingdom Film Anime Review

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Prepare to be entertained!

Prepare to be entertained!

What They Say:
Utano☆Princesama Maji LOVE Kingdom brings the idols of ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT and HE☆VENS to the stage, where UtaPri fans will witness their favorite idols in action as they experience a spectacular concert full of their favorite UtaPri songs. The featured pop idols have shared their feelings with countless fans, fostering both love and dreams — and now, in 2019, they finally take to the silver screen!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Welcome to the idol concert of the year! This isn’t a movie in a way one might think, this is a concert (or live) experience that brings the viewer into a fantasy of Starish, Quartet Night, and Heavens all together on one stage. The beginning encourages the excitement and anticipation of a show as we see the feet of each group gathering with London as a background. They all board a train that magically takes off and suddenly we are in a huge venue with a castle as a background.


The concert starts off with songs from each of the three groups followed by each member recollecting their journey and recounting their thanks to the fans for their support. There are several special stages that follow include shorter songs with specific themes. First Otoya, Ai and Van who have a fun, almost hip-hop song. Natsuki, Ran, and Eiichi are next with a mature rock style. Masato, Camus, and Eiji have a soft pop ballad song. Ren, Reiji, and Kira go dark with a strong gothic look. Syo, Nagi, and Shion show off their super cute side. Finally, Tokiya, Cecil and Hyuga put on an energetic performance.


After their special stages, each side unit groups come out and talk about their experience with each, and often share fun memories that either complements their counterparts or even embarrass them. The next part of the concert leads into the final part with each group performs another song and again followed by comments and then a final song sung by everyone. There is also an “encore” during the credits, showing stills that include some “behind the scenes” of the show.


In Summary:
The Utapri franchise was launched in 2010 with its first game, and a year later the first animated series burst onto the scene. It’s often argued that Utapri are the founders of the current idol market. Many, many (especially male) idol groups have followed the formula set by the Utapri franchise and created a new and flourishing genre. While I am not definitely not the biggest fan out there, I have been a steady fan of Utapri since that very first anime series and currently play the mobile game.

When it comes to this film, honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I had to watch it, but what was the content exactly going to be? I was pleasantly surprised at the concert format of the film and really enjoyed listening to a slew of new songs and get pulled into the show that is so incredibly similar to how actual concerts usually run. I was a bit familiar to some of the songs as they were on the mobile game already but seeing the performances in a “live” format was pretty spectacular.

I have to say this animation is good stuff. I recall when Utapri first attempted to put CG into one of their ending songs. Let’s just say it wasn’t really the best, but now, well, it’s all simply beautiful. Of course, this is Utapri and somethings have to be a little bit over the top, so expect to not only be entertained but to maybe giggle once and awhile too. You just might giggle during the banter between songs or sets. The personalities of the member’s also shine through during these times. This is definitely a dream concert for any Utapri fan. And though I watched this in the comfort of my home to review it, I feel the best way to watch this movie is in a theater with other fans and hopefully lots light sticks. The release in the US will be September 13, and you should really go treat yourselves to this one. Go all out and support your boys, but if you can’t, it will be available in the future on DVD and Blu-ray.

Grade: A

Presented By: Sentai Filmworks

US Release: September 13, 2019
In Japanese with English subtitles

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