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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid PC Port in September

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Power Rangers are teleporting to a PC near you.

Power Rangers are teleporting to a PC near you.

nWay announced that Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will be coming to PC. The PC version will get all updates that previously were available to consoles at launch. Players will be able to get a Standard version as well as Collectors Edition of the game and be able to purchase a season pass.

With this news of a PC port, it’s worth reflecting a bit about the game itself. As noted in our review, the game had the bones, but not enough to bring it home. Since then, nWay has pushed for game improvements.

Playing the game more including their season one pass, the commitment to getting Battle for the Grid to be a better game hasn’t gone unnoticed. The audio updates, story updates, and the balancing patches made the game more enjoyable. The DLC additions from the Cenozoic Blue Ranger and Udonna for Free to the season pass of Lord Zedd made this game’s evolution all the more apparent. Most importantly, their interactions with the fans and the commitment to push on through seem as if they want to make sure this game gets a better bearing post-launch.

Even so, the hill to become a better success is still high. For the Nintendo Switch, it is hard to find games. With PC (as well as the other platforms), it may be easier for more people to get competitive games. nWay has a lot of work to do, but the PC launch maybe the reboot necessary to pull on forward.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid launches September 24 for $19.99 with a Season Pass available to purchase.

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