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Dr. Stone Episode #07 Anime Review

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Hunting and gathering and science.
Dr. Stone Episode #07

Hunting and gathering and science.

What They Say:
Episode #7: “Where two million years have gone”

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Kohaku wants to make it perfectly clear, she didn’t suddenly fall in love with Senku. This isn’t some tsundere thing either, she goes so far as to sleep with her knives up. She’s a warrior, she doesn’t have time for this nonsense. Senku proceeds to tease her relentlessly, and thus a strange relationship is born.

More importantly, Kohaku takes Senku back to her village, and we are given a glimpse of a thriving pocket of humanity in the wild. A hunter/gatherer society on a tiny set of islands in a lake. One which makes it clear that outsiders are not welcome because they could only be outcasts or the children of outcasts.

We’re introduced to no-nonsense Kinro and all nonsense Ginro, the two village guards. Kinro refuses to let Senku pass, and no amount of bribery works on him. Kohaku introduces Senku to Chrome, a teenager who claims to be a sorcerer. His sorcery amounts to tricks of science, which catches Senku up in a friendly bout of competition. Senku writes the kid off at first, but then realizes he was smart enough to figure out the properties of everything he uses on his own. He marvels are Chrome’s collection of resources and entrust the truth of what happened 3,700 years ago to him. With that, Senku has his first follower and a new mission to win over the trust of the villagers.

It turns out Kohaku’s sister, priestess Ruri, has a debilitating chronic illness. Senku’s thoughts instantly turn toward the same direction many modern-day folks would, penicillin. Yet that might be easier said than done because a theory is one thing execution is another.

Senku is so caught up in his SCIENCE quest that he doesn’t even ask the main questions that a normal sane person would be asking. “How long has your village been here? Where did your people come from? Are there other villages out there?” NOPE, he doesn’t ask and we’re left wondering what the hell is up and he hypothesizes in his head. I want to hit him so hard.

Judging from the mix of blond and brunette features on the villagers, I have to wonder exactly how long this society has been living like this and from what population did they emerge? (Not that hair color means anything in anime, Senku’s hair is green, but Senku commented on Kohaku’s appearance so it has to mean something.) They lack an understanding of science yet speak perfect Japanese. Realistically, they can’t have been survivors from 3,700 years ago. We can’t even understand English that’s more than five hundred years old. Modern Japanese people often have a hard time understanding some of the older, more isolated, dialects of Japanese still spoken. Language in isolated populations changes so fast… This is a show about science and I can understand that a language barrier is annoying so this might just be artistic license. Let’s face it, this show takes a lot of artistic licenses.

By the way, the Funimation simuldub for this series is sold work. Do check it out if you prefer your anime dubbed.

In Summary:
We’re introduced to the rest of the main cast in this episode of Dr. Stone. Senku’s single-mindedness to jump as fast as possible toward civilization is driven partially by pride and partially be the very real threat of Tsukasa. The humans alive don’t appear to understand science and certainly don’t know about their own species past. Yet Senku now has a companion with a similar drive for science and a warrior who has his back. He better hope his friends can keep Tsukasa distracted while he builds himself a kingdom strong enough to stand on its own against the weapons of science.

Episode Grade: B

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