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Lethal League Blaze Nintendo Switch Review

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Boredom will get knocked out with this game.

Boredom will get knocked out with this game.

What They Say:
Lethal League is a competitive projectile fighting game where you have to hit an anti-gravity ball into the face of your opponent to win. The ball speeds up with every strike, up to explosively extreme velocities. Play locally or battle it out online. Features: – Up to 4 players: Play locally AND online with up to 4 players in free-for-all, teams or strikers mode. – Online multiplayer: Invite friends for a Private Match or head into a Quick Match. – Easy to pick up, hard to master: Improve by learning how to use Smashing, Bunting, Parrying and Special Abilities to your advantage. – Street-styled characters: From the mad Candyman to the cyborg crocodile Latch, every character has their own unique play-style and abilities. – Challenge mode: Step up to the plate by yourself and beat a series of opponents arcade-style to reach the beat-blasting bossfight. – Banging beats: A Big-beat, Hip-Hop and House soundtrack featuring the likes of Grillo, Bignic, Dr. Lazer and more.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Great games with an arcade feel like an increasing rarity. In tandem, it also feels that games are trying to differentiate themselves by taking concepts and going in a different direction. Lethal League Blaze is that game that does both. Great art style, and a simple concept, this game will get you playing fast and easy while having fun.

Lethal League Blaze’s story intertwines the lives of different characters to create a narrative. Each one of the characters wants to enter the league for their reasons. Playing the game, you find about their various motives for joining.  With that said, the story is relatively bare-bones for what it could be. The story structure makes sense if you take it as an extended tutorial. It gets you to play around with different characters to feel different styles out. It also gives you a sense of what to expect about the different game, like match-ups and different modes. Those that played the game will find game mechanics moving slower than expected to favor fundamentals.

The fun part about the game, however, is multiplayer. It’s best to think of the game as a less of a bat swing game and more of a fighting game. Characters have different speeds, techniques, and quirks that make them stand out, including super moves. Players have to time swings and face the ball correctly to return strikes. These mechanics allow for standard fighting mechanics such as footsies and zoning. Also, items appear on the field changing the ball. These balls can be a simple ghost ball to a seeker missile ball. These changes amplify the chances of hitting your opponent. Constant hits back and forth lead to chaotic points where you have to have great timing to counter the ball. It leads to moments of tension, knowing when the ball will strike. It also leads to great reward when you knock out your opponent.

Sound plays a significant part in Lethal League Blaze. The music feels catchy, with various speeds breaks, breaks, and poppy tunes. It goes with the theme and makes the playing experience better. The sound effects feel great with different sounds reflecting what they hit and also at times, giving a direction of where the ball is going. It makes for a great audio experience.

The art style for lethal league blaze is fantastic. The medically every single character feels distinct, personalized with a sense of style. Looking at the artwork not only for the foreground, but the background and effects make it a joy to watch. These visuals become important because when hitting the ball. Lethal League Blaze gives a sense of ball-tracking the ball without it being distracting.

With the Nintendo Switch version, there are some caveats. Playing the Switch version on the handheld sometimes felt slower. Ranked matchmaking will not appear on this version. However with those caveats your mind it’s still the same fun to have as on any other platform.

In Summary:
Lethal League Blaze is a joy to play. Its mechanics demands little but contains depth to attract hardcore players. Its art style and music can easily catch people’s attention. This game wants you to have a good time overall. That topped with an adequate story mode that teaches as it goes makes it for a game that people should check out.

Grade: A-

Developer: Team Reptile

Platform: PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch,Playstation 4 and Xbox One (reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

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