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Viz Media Reveals Sixth ‘Hunter X Hunter’ TV Blu-ray Anime Box Set Trailer

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Gon and his friends are on a mission to exterminate the Chimera Ant King!

The TV side of the Hunter x Hunter franchise continues to roll out slowly but surely and Viz Media has scheduled the sixth set for release. This new set landed today with its August 13th, 2019 debut, and Viz Media has dropped a new trailer to raise awareness of it (though we’d like to see them out prior to release too). The set contains twenty-four episodes that cover episodes one-hundred through one-hundred and twenty-three. Both sets work a four-disc release within it where the DVD also includes the clean openings and closings while the Blu-ray has that plus an art gallery and English cast interviews. The DVD set is priced at $39.99 and the Blu-ray at $49.99.

Plot Concept: Man is no longer the dominant species. The Chimera Ants are evolving at blistering speed, making them more and more powerful! Infused with fantastic Nen abilities, the interspecies war escalates dragging in the strongest hunter of them all, legendary Chairman Netero! Gon, hopeful to find a way to restore Kite, and Killua have joined the fray and are facing ever increasing, arduous battles. Meanwhile, the terrifying and all-powerful Ant King is engaged in a life-or-death competition of a board game called Gungi?

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