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‘Val x Love’ Anime Adaptation Reveals First Details

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Check out the cast and designs!
© Yusuke Asakura / SQUARE ENIX · Val X Love Production Committee

A new anime adaptation is in the works as Ryousuke Asakura’s manga series Val x Love having gotten the green light according to a site and social media launch back in May 2019. Set for an October 2019 debut, the main cast for the show has now been revealed with:

  • Yūya Hirose as Takuma Akutsu
  • Kaede Hondo as Natsuki Saotome
  • Ai Kakuma as Itsuyo Saotome
  • Rina Hidaka as Mutsumi Saotome

On the staffing side, it was revealed that Takashi Naoya will be directing it with Kiyoshi Tateishi handling the character designs. Hoods Entertainment is on board to produce the animation.

The property has been serialized in Shounen Gangan since December 2015 and has seven volumes in print so far. Yen Press has the rights to the manga and has been releasing it since 207.

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Plot concept: Akutsu Takuma wants nothing more than to be left alone, to live and study in peace. He has a terrifying face, which has prevented him from making friends and earned him the nickname “Akuma” (devil). However, he is satisfied with being alone and spending all of his time learning, hoping to become the good person his late mother saw in him.

All of this changes when he gets involved with the nine Saotome girls, who are Valkyries. Takuma is called by Odin to pair with them to protect the world from demons and the threat of total destruction. The Valkyries’ power comes from love, and so now he must live with them and try to become closer to them. To start with, they prioritize his intimacy with the strongest Valkyrie, Natsuki. Will he and the Saotome women be able to save the world?

[Source: ANN]

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